28th March 2018

The Dead Church

Word From The Father

What is the purpose of your gathering together if you cannot do My will? Of what purpose is your service to Me if you left your house and took nothing home? As you came, so you returned back to your house. You don’t even know what it takes to serve Me. You turned My service into a tradition of men. I see everything you’re doing in My house. I Am the Almighty God. I Am Omniscient God.

Your service begins immediately you left your house. You’re going to My house to serve Me, you saw somebody fall down on the way and you refused to lift him up because you’re already late. Judge yourself and give yourself pass mark. You failed! If truly you’re going to serve Me, as you saw him lying down on the floor, you will pick him up before you proceed your journey. That is not all. As you’re driving your car, you were blasting your horn, and the kind of word that’s coming out of your mouth proved you’re not in Me. You claim to be alive, yet, you’re dead.

As you received your salary, you kept your tithe aside hoping to pay it in My house by weekend. On your way to My house, you were asked to help somebody who needed money for hospital bill. Because your Pastor would rebuke you for not paying your tithe, you refused to help that poor woman. Are you serving Me or you’re serving your Pastor? I’ve told all of you before that I Am a Man like you and I see everything all of you are doing right there in My house.

All of you should judge yourselves! If I should appear today, will you go with Me? I don’t take dirty people with Me because I Am not a dirty God, I Am a Holy God. For you to go with Me, you must be holy in all your ways. If you cannot prove your sincerity in little things, how will you prove it in big things? Little sin or big sin, sin is sin. If you cannot prove yourself worthy by rendering the little help you can, how sure are you to enter My Kingdom? You are pointing accusing finger to others while your soul is stained with sin. Come alive and cleanse your heart with the blood of My Son, so you can enter My realm of joy.

My Emphasis

The church is not a set of walls but saints who left their various houses with a common goal to serve their Creator. As each individual lives in holiness, whenever they come together as a group, Heaven will come down. Why? Because they know what it takes to serve the Father, because they’re holy. A church that is not holy is a dead church, and a dead church is ruled and controlled by Satan himself.

Many years ago, when I left a particular church at the command of the Father, one year after I left, I was having strange revelations that broke my heart. It seems no single soul is saved there. Each member was into one sinful act or the other, and the Pastor was nowhere to be found. If a spiritual state of a church is dead, no matter how they serve the Father, they’re only wasting their time because the gate of Heaven is shut to such Christians.

What kind of church are you? You are a church if you claim you’ve given your life to Jesus. You’re a church even in your house. Are you a living church or a dead church? If you’re a dead church, you know what the Father wants from you. You’re still alive to make amends. Turn back from the way you’re treading because it’ll profit you nothing and lead you to no man’s land. If you’re a living church, carry on and a great reward is awaiting you in the end.

My Task For Today

1) I will examine myself if I’m a living church or a dead church.
2) I will eliminate everything that could render me dead while I’m still living.
3) I will yield to the Word of the Father and follow His Commandments because through this I will end victoriously.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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