28th June 2018

Steer Away From Danger

Word From The Father

No driver will purposely leave the road and start driving on a road side. Any driver who does that is categorise as someone waiting to commit suicide. No man will see a pit and purposely jump into it or else he wants to commit suicide. A house wife who purposely deep her hand into hot soup has lost her sanity. Nobody will purposely walk into the fire. Whoever does it will be lucky if he sees someone to rescue him in time. No man will purposely enter the road and jump into a moving vehicle or else he wants to commit suicide. All these I just mentioned are known to all of you as danger. But what many of you are doing, especially those who have My knowledge is more than all these. I Am the Almighty God. My way is the way of holiness.

If you know the truth and you allow it to set you free, you’ll live in peace. How long must you keep committing sin purposely and keep asking for forgiveness? If you know how to avoid fire physically, what about spiritually? But everything I’m teaching all of you is how you can avoid spiritual fire because the kind of life all of you are living will eventually lead you to fire.

Every time sin, every time sin; who is holy; is he holy. Yes, every time sin. Yes, he’s not holy but I teach him how to be holy. You cannot compare yourself with him because he hears from the Source. I Am the Source. I chastise those I love. You should even count yourself lucky for receiving this kind of message. This is the kind of message I want all My servants to teach all My children. But they’re not ready because they love the things of this Earth. If I don’t tell or teach you about sin, what else will I tell or teach you? The only thing that’ll lead you to Me is holiness. Until you’re ready to be holy, you’re far from reaching Me.

My Word is there for all of you, but how many of you value it? You cannot put fire on your roof and sleep because the fire will burn both you and the entire house. The more you recognise sin as sin and stay away from it, the more wisdom and knowledge you’ll have to serve Me. Some people came to this Earth, they abandoned everything for the sake of Heaven. Today, they’re living in peace. I placed a test before them and they didn’t fail. This Earth is a trial place for all of you. Until you pass, you cannot be promoted. When I look into the Earth, right now, I don’t see anyone that’s ready to forsake all. Even My servants are nowhere near where I want them to be. All of them are far from Me.

My Emphasis

Nothing like living the life of the Father. What does it mean to live the life of the Father? By obeying His Commandments and living by His Word. Though our righteousness is filthy before the Almighty, but if we should stand by that, no one wants to live otherwise. Jesus Christ said in the Book of Matthew 5:48 that, “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Therefore, we must walk towards perfection every day.

The world is full of so many distractions. But if we know the way of the cross which leads to eternal life, we’ll know how to avoid the distractions. The Word of the Father is a manual for our day-to-day life. Through it we find comfort for every test of life. And when the enemy pour the water of discouragement on us, we find encouragement in the Word of the Father because of the hope we have in Him.

Beloved, let us steer clear from everything that can endanger our souls. Satan has many strategies to bring us down. Sometimes is very difficult to know as it looks exactly like the truth. But our relationship with the Holy Spirit will help us discern that not everything that looks pure is really pure. May the grace of the Father and His Son guide our soul from danger. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will steer clear of danger as much as possible.
2) I will commune with the Holy Spirit every time, so I’ll be able to discern pure from impure.
3) I will strive every day to live the life of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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