28th July 2018

Spiritual Sexual Intercourse

Word From The Father

Whatever you do in your waking hours can either affect your Spirit positively or negatively. This is why it’s very important to always check your Spirit. The word of your mouth, the thinking of your heart, the food that goes into your body, your actions, all these have effect on your Spirit. Your Spirit is there with you during your waking hours, but the body controls this crucial part of your life. That which you allow into your body matters a lot. At night, when you’re asleep, your Spirit becomes more active. At this time, a lot of things happen to human being more than all of you can comprehend. If you don’t give evil spirits access into your life through the life you live during the day, then it’s very difficult for them to prey on you while asleep. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of all Spirits, both good and bad.

If there’s a spirit of sexual immorality in you, you have no power over it. Once you close your eyes to sleep, he takes over your life. Any action you see yourself performing in your dream is not really you, but the evil spirit that’s engraved into your Spirit. Yet, he carries your image. Any sin a man commits carries his image. The spirit of sin engraves himself into My Spirit in a man. The spirit of sexual immorality is very powerful because it affects all your being. This is the passage for all manner of problem into a man’s life. When Adam and Eve gave access to such spirit, everything I programmed into their body began to malfunction. I Am God, I know how to control it. Once you allow such spirit to enter your life, he will be the one dictating the rest of your life unless I delete him away from your body.

If you have sexual intercourse in your dream, how do you feel? You feel it as if you do it physically. And the more powerful you are, the more powerful the one that’ll enter you if you give him access. This is why you see some people find themselves wet when they wake up. There is a difference in it when you’re in action and when someone is forcing himself or herself on you. If you find yourself in action, then you’re the carrier of the demon. But if you find someone forcing himself or herself on you, that’s different. Yet, they both carry the same penalty, eternal death. But if your Spirit is powerful, free of sin, you can refuse the one that forces himself or herself on you.

If you always see yourself having sexual intercourse in your dream, automatically, somebody has reprogrammed your life either through your generation or your parents. And the spirits of the sea are in action in you. You can definitely recognise the face of the person you see. Your physical life will be a life of rise and fall. Anywhere you go, they’ll always connect people to you to destroy your life. You’ll find it very hard to control yourself because they’ll be the ones controlling you. And if you keep having sexual intercourse physically, especially with someone who has higher spirit of sexual immorality, you cannot overcome it spiritually.

For you to get yourself out of such mess, I need to reprogram your life once again. For Me to be able to do it, you must confess all your sins and mention everyone you’ve had sexual intercourse with both physically and spiritually. This must be done in the presence of My servant. Then you must stay clear from opposite sex for the rest of your life unless you’re married. And if you’re married to unclean person, no matter how I reprogram your life, you can never overcome it. If you’ve married and left such person, you must abstain from him or her completely. Absolutely nothing should join both of you together again. I Am not a wicked Father. Evil is an abomination to Me.

If you laboured very hard to buy a treasure, and you left it in your house and went out, on your way back, you saw the house on fire, what will you do? Aren’t you the one that worked to buy the treasure? If you enter inside the house to rescue the treasure, what will happen to you? The fire will consume both of you! This is a word of wisdom for all of you who fall into this category. When I asked My children in the time of old to give away their unclean wives and children, many of you think I’m a wicked Father. I Am not a wicked Father, but I know everything I created and how I created them.

Many of you in the church today fall into this category! If the person that reprogram your life is still alive, you can never overcome unless he or she dies. This was why I gave Ordinance to My children in the time of old to kill some certain people. This kind of problem mainly comes from your parents, especially your mother. I know how I formed women and Satan knows how he passes through them to destroy. He has succeeded in destroying many of My heroes through women. But if you love your life, you know what to do. Though I chained all of you together, but I didn’t chain you together with evil. If you know somebody is evil and you love yourself, run away from such person. This is the only way you can have peace. If a mother is having sexual intercourse with her son spiritually, what kind of mother is she? Unless you run away from her, you cannot do good on this Earth until you die. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis

There are different kinds of evil. But this is the highest kind of evil! If a man cannot control himself, he’s a living dead. Sexual intercourse is very powerful and the person that opened the door knew what he did. When he summoned all the animals in the Garden of Eden to mate together, so that Eve could see it and have the feelings, he knew what he did. This is the root of every problem on this Earth.

Every Ordinance the Father gave in the time of old was mainly because of this. Through sexual intercourse, generation comes out. And if it’s not done legitimately, it becomes evil. In the world today, evil populate the Earth. As long sexual immorality continually spread among human beings, evil will continually populate the Earth.

Every woman carries virus of evil in her. Why? Because of Eve! This is why if the Father promises a woman a child, He would wait several years to cleanse the womb before He could release the child to her. In the time of old, such woman must be a virgin. In this present generation where all the heroes and heroines of the Father have tasted sex before marriage, the work becomes harder. It’s not an easy job to delete every evil army that positioned themselves inside the womb of a woman. And if such woman has the spirit of witchcraft, because the Father had already programmed the womb to carry His hero, that child would live to suffer.

The root of some problem is not easily detectable unless Holy Spirit reveals. Any matter that has to do with one’s parents, Holy Spirit always stay clear of such matter because of the love between them. This is why a woman could be a witch and the Father will not reveal to her husband because of the love between them. And before the Father acts in such case, the victim among them might have cried earnestly to the Father. This is the only way He could take any action because He wouldn’t break His own Law.

As a Christian, if you find yourself having sexual intercourse in your dream, you must know you’re very close to Hellfire. Heaven has rejected you already. But if you want to be free, you can set yourself free. The Almighty God will not mingle evil with righteousness. Therefore, you must be ready to play the game. It’s a spiritual game of mind! The main person who reprogrammed your life knew what she’s done. And if the Father reveals it to you, you need wisdom to manage it. You must not and never disclose it to her. Though she may know you’ve known her already, but she’s waiting for it to come out of your mouth before she strikes. But if you know and with wisdom always speak to her about the holiness of the Father, it’s like you’re heaping fire on her. And if it’s too much, she’ll be far away from you for a while. As long such person is still alive, she’ll always try again hoping she’ll be able to penetrate into your life as before. Once somebody signed to do evil, there’s no turning back. Now that you know the truth, let the truth set you free.

If such evil is found in the root of your life, you must control yourself physically and close your heart to every door through which Satan can take advantage of you. As long you’re alive, it’s very easy for you to go back to where you’re coming from. That which you’ve overcame can easily overcome you if you’re not careful. This is why it’s very important for you to live the life of the Father.

If you look into the church today, majority of Christians fall into this category, both married and unmarried. This is why the Father expects His servants to always preach holiness, so that His children can come out of such spiritual slavery. Anyone that falls into this category is a slave of sexual demons. You must always control your heart and watch those you associate with.

In conclusion, there is no power that’s more than the power of Jesus Christ. One is to fast and pray, and one is to keep the Law and Ordinance of the Father. No matter how much you know how to fast and pray, if you continually associate yourself with those who have the spirit of sexual immorality, you can never overcome. And if you don’t overcome, you cannot be counted among the winners. If you’re not counted among the winners, your destination is the land of the wicked. But I pray that Holy Spirit open your heart and eyes, so you can embrace the truth of the Father wholeheartedly. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy any area I’ve failed.
2) I will always watch over my heart and my ways.
3) I will stay clear of every carrier of evil.
4) I will live a prayer and obedient life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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