28th January 2018

Self Condemnation

Word From The Father

If you stand before Me and felt condemned, rejoice because you’re My true child. You felt condemned by My Spirit in you. But how could you be condemned while in My presence? Why should My Spirit in you condemn you? This is the question I want you to ask yourself. I Am a Holy Father, and I require holiness from all My children.

As you entered My house, you opened your mouth to praise and worship Me, but Somebody in you condemned you because you’re not pure, because you’ve sinned. Some of you think it’s a demon. It’s not demon, it’s My Spirit in you because that Spirit is a Holy Spirit, not a dirty Spirit. The Spirit is light and whenever you appear before Me, He felt threatened because you’ve fed Him with sin. You’re His host and whatever you do physically will affect Him. You carry Him around everywhere you go. This is the same Spirit that will return to Me whenever you die. Once you fail to separate yourself from sin while you’re alive, that Spirit cannot come to Me anymore, and both of you will go to Hellfire.

When Adam and Eve sinned, I believed I still had everything in control and had the assurance My Spirit in you would return to Me. As Satan continually takes you farther and farther in evil, the Spirit is now suffering on your account. Because of your multitude of sin, that Spirit condemns you whenever you appear before Me in worship. Sometimes the Spirit Himself invites Holy Spirit to help Him. This is why you may sometimes hear people weeping and asking for mercy and forgiveness while the service is going on. The only solution to this is for you to open your mouth and confess your sins openly so that your Spirit can have peace. Hence you conceal your transgression, your Spirit cannot have peace. And if you die, both you and the Spirit will go to Hellfire.

My Emphasis

The secret things belong to the Father, but the things revealed to us are for us and our children forever – (see Deuteronomy 29:29). Whenever some of us felt condemned in the presence of the Father, we thought demon was the one in action. This is not true! The Spirit is like a clear glass. If you see a premature baby, you could see all his veins and how blood flows around his body. The Spirit in us is very light. And if you heap load of sin upon Him, he’ll become heavy. This is why sometimes when the enemies chase you in your dream, instead of you to fly like a bird, the enemies would capture you simply because your Spirit is heavy. If the enemies chase you in your dream and you cannot fly, you must know your Spirit is heavy, and you must work upon yourself immediately.

Many of us are ignorant of many things based on whoever mentored us. A man can only give what he has. He will not give what he doesn’t have. There are many reasons why the Father wants His servants to concentrate solely on Him, not to do any secular work. The Father needs you twenty-four-seven. He needs you to meet the needs of His children. Once you’re too busy to receive from Him, what will you give to the children? This is why there is so much suffering in the church.

If your Spirit condemns you, do not be angry or be sad, rejoice. Open your mouth and confess all your sins openly. As you do that, your soul will find rest and peace in Jesus Christ. You must also flee from sin so that you and your Spirit will always be in agreement as you continue your journey together.

My Task For Today

1) I will bless the Father for this revelation.
2) I will confess My sin openly and ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness.
3) I will ask my Spirit, the Spirit of the Father to forgive me for heaping load of sin upon Him.
4) My Spirit and I will be in agreement from now henceforth so that our journey can be smooth.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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