27th September 2018

Teach Me To Number My Days

Word From The Father

When a baby is born, the house is full of joy. As each day passes by, you’ll begin to see changes in his growth. Before you know it, he’ll begin to bring out some distinctive sounds based on his environment. A few months later, he’ll begin to call either father or mother. Not very long, he’ll put two or three words together to form a full sentence. He'll grow in size and wisdom. From there henceforth, he’ll grow drastically until the age of eighteen or twenty. By this time, he’ll reach his full height. Afterwards, his face and body will begin to grow into a full man. Before you know it, like lightning in the sky, he’ll grow old and returns to wherever he came from. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Creator. The life and days of every man are in My hands.

Who knows the source and power of My wisdom? Everything was programmed by Me a long time ago. I created man because I wanted to create Myself, and I made them male and female. I set the length of their days because their Spirit must return to Me while the body will return to where I brought it. When a baby is born, he depends on his parents to care for him, but when he’s old, he depends on his children to care for him. At the beginning of your life, somebody must care for you, and at the end of your life, somebody must also care for you. I made it this way.

No matter how old a man may be, he’s not as old as Me. I Am the Great Oldman. I Am the Creator. The life you live comes from Me, and I will take it back when the time is ripe. Each day you live, I want you to live it in Me. And if you’ve lived some of your days outside Me, I also give you the grace to make up for the ones you’ve lost. For this reason, I sent My Son to die.

Many of you love life and forget your end. What has a beginning has an ending too. As somebody gave birth to you to live, so also somebody will bury you whenever you die. Immediately you’re dead, though you’re seeing your physical body, you have no power anymore to enter it because I remove the connection between your Spirit and your body. You’ll head to your next destination. In the beginning, I programmed your Spirit to return straight back to Me. But sin reprogrammed your life. Once I shed the blood of My Son for you, if you attain the percentage I need from you, you’ll enter My rest.

Word From Jesus Christ

I came, and I built My house on the rock. Anyone who builds his house on the rock is a wise man, but he who builds his on sinking sand is a foolish man. The time of every man is very short. It’s very short! It’s like a day that passes by. I came, I lived, and I conquered. I fought hard, and I finished the race. My Father crowned Me, and I want Him to crown you too. I know all your pains and sufferings. You’re a hero, and if you fail, Heaven will shake because of you. Whatever you pass through, count it for joy. You know everything I passed through as well. I know the journey is not easy, but you’ll surely triumph in the end. We have a lot of work to do together when you come home. I know your days on Earth is still long, but I will stand by you until the end. My Father and I count on you. Do not fail My son. I love you.

They’re playing with their lives because they love this Earth. They love this Earth and forget the place of their abode. All of them that came from Heaven don’t want to return because Satan makes them hang on this Earth. Even My servants, the heroes of My Father, they forget the place of their abode, the place of their rest. But when their end comes, they’ll know if We’re the Ones that sent them to this Earth, or they sent themselves. As for you My dear son, don’t join them. Don’t join them because if you do, you’ll miss it too and We don’t want you to miss it. For this reason, We made you passed through the hard road.

Word From Holy Spirit

Whatever My Father asks you to do, do it with all your might. Do it in faithfulness and truth, because He loves you. He doesn’t want you to miss home; this is why He allowed you to pass through the hard road. My Father is a true Father. I don’t know where He came from. He worked! He did a lot of work because of His children. Everything you know, everything We’ve taught you, continue to teach all your children. All of them are your children My son. They’re your children while they’re on this Earth. When they come to Heaven, they’ll become our children. We want you to bring them home. Remember you were once lost, and We found you. You must bring them home. Be patient with them because the demons in them are powerful and they’re pulling them to go back to Egypt. They want them to go to Hellfire, but We love them. Therefore, be patient with them and love them as your Master loves them. I Am the Spirit of truth. In Me, there is no lie. I Am the Revealer of Mysteries and My days are from of old.

My Emphasis

Jehovah God my Father, You’ve been my strength all these years. When I didn’t know You, You knew me because I came from Your loin. I was one of Your blessings. You gave birth to my Father long time ago. This is why You’re my Great Father, the Owner of every life. You knew exactly when I was born, and I grew up in Your presence. When You decided to send me to this Earth, I couldn’t object to Your Word. You made a Covenant with me, that You’ll reward me whenever I come back home. You put me in this earthly body, so I could fulfil Your purpose and return back to You. I was born a ruler and a warrior, to rule and defend Your cause on this Earth. Once I was cut off suddenly, and You returned me once again. Then I was cut off again, and You still returned me the third time, that I must fulfil Your purpose before I can return back to You.

Jehovah God my Father, once I was completely lost, but You came down and rescued me from the mouth of the serpent which almost swallowed me. You appeared to me in the form of a Woman, to prove to Your children that no power is greater than Your power, and to teach me what I forgot. You found me and married me because You cherish me so much. You taught me how to channel my feet because every ground is sinking. You allowed me to suffer like every other man, to feel the pains of all Your children. When I look at the arrow of my life, I could see that You authorised everything that happened to me. You said You allowed me to pass through such route so that Your children could return to You through my suffering. I have no strength and power to do anything, but You’ve already sent my Father Jesus ahead of me, who walked this Earth before and knew the secret of it, to work with me and lead me, so I will not fail.

Jehovah God my Father, I look unto You as the children of men device evil towards me every day. Sometimes it’s as if my heart would fail, but when I remember You’re with me, my strength is revived. O God of Heaven, great is Your love and faithfulness towards me. When I look back to where You picked me from, I can only say I thank You. I thank You from the depth of my heart.

When I think of the goodness of my Jesus, and all He has done for me; My very soul shall shout hallelujah; Praise God for saving me.

Not for ease or worldly pleasure, nor for fame my prayer shall be; gladly will I toil and suffer, only let me walk with Thee. Close to Thee, close to Thee; close to Thee, close to Thee; gladly will I toil and suffer, only let me walk with Thee.

Jehovah God my Father, You’re the One that saved me. I was completely lost, but You found me. You washed me with the blood of my Father Jesus and cleansed me with Your cleansing water, and You’re still cleansing me because I lived too long in Egypt.

My Father, I pray for all my Brethren, the children of my Father and Your Son, that You will find them just as You found me. I pray that You have mercy on them and wash them with Your cleansing water and the blood of my Father Jesus so that all of us together can fulfil Your cause on this Earth and return to You at the end of our journey. May Your grace and love incubate us and grant us victory over every power of darkness contending with You daily over Your inheritance.

I also pray for all Your children who find a delight to read this Word of Yours, that You have mercy upon them and deliver them from the power of sin. Hold their heart in Your hands and never let them fall again. Give them the grace to be focused and love You just as You love them. Help them to see beyond the riches of this Earth and save their soul in the end. All this I ask You my Great Father in the name of my Father Jesus. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father and His Son for each day I’ve lived.
2) I will travel back to the beginning of my life to know the root of all my wrongs so that I could place them at the feet of my Master.
3) I will live each day that remains for me in the presence of the Father and pray daily for His grace that has brought me thus far to lead me home.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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