27th October 2018

What Shall I Render

Word From The Father

If I Am hungry, will you feed Me? If I Am homeless, will you shelter Me? If I Am naked, will you cloth Me? Who will have mercy on Me? Who will deliver Me? What do you have to give to Me? What can you render to Me? I Am the Owner of the universe. I Am the Creator of every creature. I Am All-In-All.

If you take a whole human being and strip him naked, if you remove his skin, you’ll see everything inside him. Those who call themselves scientists and doctors cannot understand how I did it. The nature of human being is very complex and no matter how much you study it, you cannot know anything except what I want you to know. The scientist and doctors only believe in what they can see because that is what I created them for. They understand the things of the physical. I didn’t create them to understand the things of the Spirit.

Can you be greater than your Creator? Can you know more than the One that knows you more than yourself? I Am He who formed you with My fingers out of the ground. I put the Spirit of life inside you. Without Me you’re nothing. Without Me you have no life because I Am your life. I formed and created billions upon billions of worlds in one universe. I Am the Creator and Originator of life. Every life originated from Me. Therefore, nothing you can give or render to Me.

If you obey My Word, My Law and Ordinance, you do Me no good, you only do yourself good. Demons cannot arrest Me, but they can arrest you if you don’t obey My Word. Everything I do, I do it for your own good. No one can fault Me because I Am a Perfect Father.

Who knows the power of My anger? Who can wait to see My wrath? I move in darkness and light. I Am Visible and Invisible. I reveal Myself to whomever I want to reveal Myself to, and I hide Myself from whomever I want to hide Myself from. I Am full of mysteries. I walk and move inside fire and it cannot consume Me because even fire hearkens to My voice. I Myself Am a Consuming Fire. I walk in the air, I move with the cloud. I ride the cloud like a chariot. I established My Ordinance long time ago. I can make Myself visible in darkness, yet, you cannot see Me. I can visit billions of places at the same time. My power has no ending.

What can you give to Me? I need nothing from you than your heart. Your heart is the engine of your body. If your heart fails, then you’re gone. And if I have your heart, I have you all. Therefore, render your heart to Me as a sacrificial offering. Let your heart be My dwelling place. Delete and eliminate every trace of darkness from it. This is the only thing you can give or render to Me.

My Emphasis

Out of Your love You keep me alive. Out of Your abundant grace I am still breathing. If you take the breath of life away from me, I’ll become a corpse which children of men toss around. I have nothing to give You Jehovah my Rock. Before the mountains were born You’ve been in existence. The valley was formed at the sound of Your voice. Nothing I can give You than thanks all my days.

If you fast and pray for hundred days, you do the Father no good, you only do yourself good. If you keep yourself pure, without blemish, you only do yourself good. If you’re doing the work of the Father, you’re only doing your own work because that’s what you were created to do. If you’re encourager, though your encouragement does good to others, but your encouragement will come back to profit you in the end because a time will come when you’re discouraged, those who profited from your encouragement will also encourage you. This is why every man will reap whatever he sows.

A man who recognises his sin as sin will rend his heart as one rends a garment. This shows he values His Creator. If the heart is sick, the whole body is sick. This is why the dwelling place of both good and evil is within the heart. This heart is what the Father desires in every man. If a man can keep his heart pure, his entire being is pure. As little as this heart may be, it’s a world of its own.

If you build ten houses for the Father, He will not sleep in any of them. If you slaughter hundred bulls for Him, He will not eat even a little piece. If you give Him hundred cars, He will not drive any of them. No matter what you give to the Father, He will not take any of them from you. But there’s only one thing you can render to Him – your heart. If you give Him your heart, you automatically will your entire being to Him. I pray for you this day that the Father Himself will give you greater grace to overlook the things of this Earth, so you can render your whole heart to Him in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I lack wisdom in serving Him.
2) I will purge my heart daily, so it can be a befitting place for the Father to dwell.
3) I will render my heart willingly to the Father because I know that my heart is my life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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