27th May 2018

Victim Of Ignorance

Word From The Father

If you enter a land, you’ll study carefully their practice and culture if it differs from where you’re coming from. You will compare it with yours and choose which one to add to your life. This is for a man who is wise! But a foolish man will enter there and forget where he’s coming from, and will embrace everything that comes his way, and begin to follow them. Such man is a victim of his own ignorance. I Am the Almighty God. Wisdom and knowledge end in Me.

Many of My children, for the sake of freedom embrace whatever comes their way with open arms without them weighing and investigating properly the origin of such thing. They failed to follow My heart. They failed to ask questions if such thing is in line with My Word. They jump into it like a blind man. And after they’re sank, they’ll begin to cry to their Father whom they forgot to seek His counsel.

The whole Earth is Mine and you can choose to live wherever you want. However, wherever you go, let My fear go with you, so you can live in peace. But no, My children prefer to follow their own heart and only turn back after they’re bitten by the serpent.

Many of My children, even those who live in their homeland embrace and follow whatever they see. They’re easily carried away by strange practices. Even those who’re serving Me, sleeping in My house twenty-four-seven mingle themselves with the things of this Earth. Many, because of hardship followed after strange teachings. They forgot holiness within and without is all I required from them. It’s very easy to eat what you desire, but very hard to purge it away from your system after your body has digested it.

Every of My Word is like an old woman’s tale. It’s foolishness to the ears of the lost. The few who choose to be wise hearken to My voice. A man who lacks through knowledge will quickly run to his own ruin. But he who carefully acquire wisdom and knowledge will live like a king even amid adversary.

My Emphasis

The Bible declared clearly in the Book of Hosea 4:6 that, “My people perish because of lack of knowledge.” The way of the Father is never the way of the world. The world hates the truth, yet, truth in the Father, truth in His Son gives peace.

There are strange teachings everywhere. An insensitive heart can be deceived easily. No wonder Jesus Christ declared in the Book of Matthew 24:12 that, “Because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold.” The world we live is more spiritual than physical. Until we understand this, we will always run after new inventions of demons.

Satan has flooded the world with many things. This he uses to brag before the Father that, “I will open doors of comfort before Your children and they’ll forget You ever exist.” This he does everyday and those of the household of the Father are being swept away in it.

Nobody wants to suffer. Everybody wants to be rich. But riches in the Father and His Son is spiritual, and it’s good health to the soul. If we’re to live in peace, far from the trouble of this world, we should forget and forsake everything of this world, and let the Word of the Father in our heart be like a rock that cannot be destroyed. This is the only way we’ll not be swept away with the wicked.

My Task For Today

1) I will acquire godly knowledge because ignorance itself is a sin.
2) I will walk in the way of my Saviour alone.
3) I will not allow hardship to lead me away from the path of righteousness and peace.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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