27th March 2018

The Life Of His Chosen

Word From The Father

Every man’s life is in My hands, and I do with it whatever I want. Those who trust in Me, those who believe in Me know that better days lie ahead. No matter how your today may be, I Am the Owner of life and death, and your life and time are in My hands. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am.

Though I gave every man choice, choice to choose between good and evil, yet, I Am the Great Controller, and I choose to do whatever I want, especially with My chosen. If I choose you to be My mouth, your entire life from the beginning to the end is in My hand. You cannot do otherwise. You must do My bidding. I can choose to hand you over to the devil to torment; I can choose to do with you whatever I want. I do it not because you’re the worst sinner, but because of My children and My Kingdom. If I torment a soul to save millions, that means that soul worth more than a million in My hand.

If your today is rough, very rough, have the assurance that I still sit on My throne and nobody can dethrone Me. As long as I sit on My throne, better days are awaiting you. A day in the life of a man doesn’t determine the rest. Each day has its own destiny. If you fail to do what you’re meant to do in a day, that day will pass, and you can never catch it again. However, if you fail to do what you’re meant to do in a day because of Me, I will compensate you with years. I can even prolong your years to make up for the ones you’ve lost because of Me. I did it for My children in the time of old and I will do it again.

My Emphasis

If you’re afflicted because of your own sin, go to the Father and ask for forgiveness. But if you’re afflicted because of the Father, rejoice, I say rejoice for He who owns all things is watching everything you’re going through, and will surely and truly reward you if you endure for a while. The life of His chosen is in His hands, and He does with it whatever He wishes.

As a chosen of the Father, I can truly testify it’s not easy, yet, in our affliction, in whatever we may be going through, the Owner of the throne remains the Owner and nothing and no one can dethrone Him. He is watching everything we’re passing through. But He must close His eyes for us to pass through it to save His children. Though very painful, but the greater the pain and affliction, the greater the reward will be. Jesus Christ was the Begotten Son of the Father, but He cried out in pains and agony “My Father, My Father, why have You forsaken Me?” The Father did not forsake Him, but also watched in pain and sorrow what His Beloved Son was passing through just to save His children. But that pain was over the moment the Saviour reappeared in Heaven. Today, every soul mentions the name of Jesus. Blessed be His holy name.

Beloved of the Most High, rejoice, I say rejoice. It’s only for a while and all these will be enveloped into the past and joy and happiness shall fill your heart. Endure, I say endure for He who chose you will surely carry you and lead you beyond your expectations. Lean not on your own strength for by strength you cannot prevail.

My Task For Today

1) I will rejoice in the Lord because I know that I am a winner.
2) I will lean on Him who died and shed His blood for me.
3) I will forge ahead in His strength and draw water from the well of holiness.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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