27th June 2018

Permanent Solution

Word From The Father

If you have headache and you visit the doctor, he’ll ask you what’s wrong with you. If you tell him, he’ll prescribe medication for you to ease your pain. If the headache doesn’t disappear after sometimes, he’ll refer you to the hospital. In the hospital, they’ll carry out series of test on you. If they find out anything, they’ll know how to diagnose your problem. However, if they couldn’t find out anything and your headache persist, then you should know without doubt your case is spiritual. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Great Healer.

I created doctors to deal with physical illness. If you’re injured, they’re there to dress your wound and it will be healed. If you have an accident, they’re there to treat you. If any part of your body is deformed through injury, they’re there to give you artificial. I didn’t create them to transplant organ from one person to another. I gave doctors wisdom to treat My children, those who don’t believe in Me, but they must know their limit. Any spiritual illness, I Am the One who can deal with it. Though you cannot see Me, but I use My servants to represent Myself. More than seventy-five percent of illnesses are spiritual. I didn’t create doctors to deal with spiritual illness. They don’t have the power.

If a worm entered your leg through a particular spot, it turned to a sore. If you want the sore to heal in time, you’ll remove the worm that’s eating the leg. But if you just cover the sore, the worm will be there eating your leg. The sore can never be healed. So is a doctor who deals with spiritual illness. If a woman is unable to deliver her baby through natural means, that means a demon has blocked her way because he either wants to take her life or the life of the unborn baby. Why? Because she committed sin! But the doctor will carry out the baby through caesarean section. What will happen to the demon? He will live with that baby. This is what doctors are doing in the world. But if she opens her mouth and confess, the demon will leave her, and the baby will be delivered by naturally means.

When the woman with the issue of blood touched My Son, what happened? Was she the only one that touched My Son? Many other people with problems touched Him. Why did He persist that somebody touched Him? Because power went out of Him and He felt it. Why? Because the woman carried a higher demon! Whenever the demon socked her blood, he would vomit it. Whenever he vomited the blood, the woman would bleed profusely. This was her problem. In this present era, if a woman has such problem and a doctor deals with her issue, what happened to the demon? It will now become generational illness, transferring from one person to another within the family. But somebody was healed by touching Somebody!

Many of you don’t know what you’re doing to yourselves and your generation. Those of you who call yourself a Christian, whenever you’re ill, you’ll remember your doctor before you even remember Me. If your illness is spiritual and the doctor found a solution for you without you confessing your sin, you must know what you’ve done to yourself and your children. When I gave Moses Ordinances to give to My children, I created many departments. Did I ask him to build a clinic or hospital where My children would go whenever they’re ill? No! Because I believed that, if they could follow all My Laws and Ordinances I gave to them, no illness will chain them down. Whenever they’re ill, they would go to the priest, and the Priest would know exactly the kind of sin they committed that made such illness came upon them, and the solution for it. But today, illness chain down many of you in the hospital and you call yourself a Christian.

My Emphasis

You cannot give what you don’t have. In the early years of my ministry, I used to jump into everything. But when the Father appeared to me and taught me why problem comes upon His children, and gave me the solution, then I stopped jumping into everything.

If you visit our churches today, Christians have series of problems. A mother who knows she has a problem will go around fasting and praying, so she could be delivered. What about her husband? What about her children? Any particular problem upon any member of the family has become a problem for all! They must all seek solution together. As long they eat and live together, they must seek solution together. This is how the problem will disappear from the generation. Nobody must find solution alone.

In Britain, they’re seeking for solution because of loneliness. Where will solution come from? When they’ve left their Father and Creator behind. They said they don’t have Father, that they exist by themselves. Every Law the Father gave to their forefathers to follow, these they abolished. In a land where a woman with a child without marriage was once treated as outcast because they knew it’s against the Law of the Father. But what’s going on now? They encourage many abominations. The children have lost one part of their parents into the world and the other one must work to make ends meet. The children would be alone at home and nobody was there to correct them whenever they’re wrong. They grew up with so much negativity in them and they thought it’s normal. Now it’s escalating gradually and they don’t know the way forward. They can never find any solution until they bring forward their Father they’ve left behind. But can they!

Those of the household of the Father should follow the Law and Ordinance of the Father diligently. If there is any problem, the Father is the only Solution. Cut off every chain of affliction, so that your coming generation can live in peace. Sin is the root of every problem, no matter how little. It took somebody to start it, and it’ll take somebody to stop it. But as children in the household of the Father, you must find solution together. This is the only way and a permanent solution. May Jehovah God, God of all flesh open your eyes and heart to the truth of His Word in Jesus name. And no matter what you’re passing through, stretch out your hands and touch the Master who stands by you.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy any area I know I’ve missed it.
2) I will desist from seeking for temporary solution, rather, I’ll run to the Father for permanent solution.
3) I will refuse to live my life for somebody else to suffer.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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