27th January 2018

Spiritual Matchmaking

Word From The Father

Right from the Garden of Eden, somebody had been contending with Me over My children. I Am the Controller and I can control every situation. My children are My inheritance, and I will not allow anybody to take them away from Me. This was why I gave Laws for My children to follow, as guidance to their everyday life. In the time of old, I gave many Ordinances that many of you wouldn’t understand. Because Adam and Eve opened the door of evil to all My children, would I allow them to be wasted? Far be it from Me! Right from the beginning, I have been fighting and continue to fight. Those who call Me Father, I will call them sons and daughter. I will neither leave them nor forsake them.

Today, many of you think I Am a wicked Father because I gave Ordinance of segregation especially when you gather together to serve Me. I know what I created, and I know how I created them. I Am a Holy Father and sin is an abomination to Me. For example: A young and beautiful lady was praying to Me for a husband, and a young and handsome man was praying to Me for a wife; however, they were incompatible to marry. I knew how I would have connected them to their respective partner. While they were in the church, they sat next to each other. As the pastor was preaching, the young man asked the young lady for a pen and she gave it to him. A piece of paper falls from the young man’s hand and the lady picked it up and gave it to him. Somebody behind the scene (Satan) has started matching them together. After the service, they both shared information about each other. The next thing, they saw themselves as husband and wife, and they later got married. Was it from Me? Not at all! Somebody matched them together! But they were incompatible! If they hadn’t sat next to each other, would this have happened? Not at all! I Am not a wicked Father. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

My Emphasis

Christians have gone far from the will and plan of God and if any of us want to make it to Heaven, we must follow the Word of God very carefully and work very hard. The Law and Ordinance of the Father may be too burdensome for us; however, if we’re bound for glory, we must accept everything with open arms no matter how hard it may be. Every plan of the Father is for our own good and if Heaven could reject many of the people of old, even His Prophets who could not enter Heaven until the ascension of Jesus Christ, we must know it’s a serious business. Marriage is life and we must be very careful and vigilant whenever we’re praying for a partner because Satan is very crafty like a serpent.

Satan is very clever and would continue to take advantage of us. No matter how much we serve God, we cannot beat him. The only way we can beat him is through absolute holiness. If we willingly submit to every Law and Ordinance of the Father, he will flee from us – (see James 4:7). Many Christians are spiritually matched by Satan and they couldn’t sense it. How do you want such marriage to be? Could anything good come from him to Christians? Absolutely not, because he has vowed that nobody will cross this Earth to Heaven. The more we place less value on the Law and Ordinance of the Father, the easier we make things be for him. Will you have a change of heart today by placing high value on the Law and Ordinance of the Father? The choice is yours.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask God for mercy for placing less value on His Word.
2) I will desist from living a life of hypocrisy.
3) I will accept the Law and Ordinance of the Father with both arms.
4) I will be very cautious how I live my life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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