27th August 2018

When Evil Enters You

Word From The Father

Who can hold the air in his hands? Nobody! Who can hold light and darkness in his hands? Nobody! You’re sitting in your living room all by yourself, no other person at home except you. If you suddenly see any of the objects you placed in a particular place moves by itself as if somebody carries it, will you still sit down comfortably with your legs stretch out? No, you’ll run as if something is chasing you. If I open your eyes, none of you want to live on this Earth for a second because I know what I created to live among you. I Am the Almighty God. The Great I Am That I Am is My name.

If a man is mentally deranged, those who see him may not know if he sits down quietly except through his tattered clothe. But if he opens his mouth and display for you, you’ll run as if he’s chasing you. To you, he’s a madman, but to him, he’s a normal human being like you. Can you stand in front of the mirror and describe how your back looks like without a second mirror behind you? You cannot. Can you stand and tell your neighbour how your head looks like without a mirror? You cannot. Can you describe every organ inside your body without the means of an x-ray? You cannot. But I can tell you everything about you. This is what differentiate Spirits from humans.

When My son Lucifer did what he did, he wasn’t aware that something was wrong with him. But I knew! All his actions were the result of the demons that overpowered him. You cannot hold a naked and high voltage wire with your bare hands. If you do, you’ll kill yourself. They overpowered him, and he also infected his own children. I had no other choice than to drive them out of My Kingdom. This was how demons entered the Earth.

Whenever evil enters a man, he still feels he’s okay as usual. Once they fulfilled their mission through him, his eyes will become clear. If somebody could play back the video of everything that happened to him, he’ll never believe it. I created them, and I know how I created them. This is the reason why I gave you Law to follow, so they won’t have access into your life. Sin is their food and if you commit sin, you call them automatically.

All of you are only wasting your time with every route you’re passing. You’ll study A-Z, you’ll acquire A-Z, you’ll memorise the whole Bible, you’re only wasting your time. The best thing you can do for yourself is to know how to live in holiness both within and without, so that all these things cannot overpower you. If you commit any sin and they come into your life, they’ll possess everything you have including your wife and children and all your possessions. All of you should go and read in My Word how I instructed My Priests to deal with all these things. You can do nothing to eradicate the spirit of evil. The only thing you can do is to keep them where they belong and have absolutely nothing to do with them by abiding by My Word. Once you fail to abide by My Word, they overpower you and control your life and your generation. And if you have all these things living inside you, you can never enter My rest whenever you die. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator.

My Emphasis

I have heard many of you said that the Father is not a wicked Father. I can say boldly that both good and evil live inside the Father. As we are, so is the Father. He has power over evil, but we don’t have such power. And besides, He didn’t give birth to anybody with such kind of evil. These are living creatures He created for Himself. If you build your house, you’ll place fire extinguishers at some points in case of fire. If I ask you why you’ll place fire extinguishers in your house, you’ll tell me to prevent fire in case fire breaks out. If I ask you maybe you want to burn your house with fire that’ll make you place fire extinguishers there, you’ll tell me I’m foolish. This is exactly what I’ll tell whoever ask me why the Father created such powerful evil spirits.

There was evil in every man just like the Father. However, the measure of evil in a man cannot control him. Everything Lucifer is doing, he wouldn’t have got such power if he hadn’t open door for those demons to overpower him. This is the case of many Christians today. Many are lamenting on their bed, they cannot sleep because of what they’ve put their hands. If many are praying, they’ll be weeping and crying because they know how far they’ve gone in evil. But they cannot pay the price to get the right solution they need because it’s very expensive but simple.

Who will dare open his mouth and speak about all the atrocities he’s committed spiritually. Whatever is not visible to every human being, majority of people will call you a madman. But those who understand spiritual matters will flow along with you easily. For example, if a servant of the Father could sell his soul to the extent of using a day-old baby for ritual, what do you think that means. Can he speak such thing out openly? As he’s waving the handkerchief in the air, demons are being spread to all the children of the Father that gathered in his church. Can he speak such thing out openly? O, I slept with Sister Grace is easier to confess than such deep evil. There are some sins, if you confess them openly, the demons can wipe off your entire family if care is not taken and it depends how far you’ve gone in evil.

The solution to all this is simple, confession. Confession is the only solution! This kind of confession isn’t the one you confess in your closet, it’s open confession. Jesus Christ your Saviour was crucified naked, not what they’re showing you on television. He was crucified naked without any clothe! Therefore, for you to have assurance of Heaven, if you find yourself in this category, you must open your mouth and confess openly. This is the only way you can be forgiven. And once you confessed, you must be fervent in prayers because the demons that control your sins will surely fight you. But if Heaven is very important to you, you’ll not care whatever they do to you. This is why it’s very good not to commit sin at all.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for mercy every day.
2) I will confess my sins without delay.
3) I will live in the Word and fear of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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