26th January 2018

Broken Marriage

Word From The Father

When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, though it was very painful to Me, I didn’t say Eve was the one that invited evil to enter her and pardon Adam. I did not separate them because I was the one that joined them together. Instead, I allowed them to face the consequence of their sin together. I Am the Almighty God. I don’t break My own Law.

When I said as you are, so I Am, it is true. What many of you don’t know is more than what you know. You can only know what I want you to know and conceal what I don’t want you to know. When My Son Jesus came to this Earth, He spoke about Me all the time. Where was His Mother? If a child has a Father, will he not have a mother? All of you are foolish! I Am a Man like all of you. I created you after My likeness. Adam couldn’t carry a child by himself, this was why I brought Eve. As a man, you cannot carry a child by yourself, this is why you need a woman. Why should you say I love you and say I don’t love you again? I hate divorce. I hate broken home. It put My children into hardship and sorrow.

If you defiled yourself before marriage, it would lead you into a wrong marriage and a wrong marriage would lead to divorce. If you eat wrong food, it would purge your stomach. And if it happens to you, the chain would continue in the lives of your children and their generation because sin doesn’t die. This is why it’s better for you to ask Me before going into marriage even though you didn’t defile yourself. If you’re divorced, it would affect your children’s future. The spiritual consequence of what all of you are joking with is more than what you can ever imagine. For any of you to come to My realm of glory, you must follow My Ordinance in all things.

My Emphasis

The Father is truly a Father! As He is, so He formed us. We are His carbon-copy. Broken home brings nothing good than shame, hatred, pains, sorrow, bitterness and hardship. Above all, generational curse! The chain would go on and on and on for many generations until somebody is ready to break it. And whoever wants to break that chain would not find life easy because he would have Satan to contend with.

If your marriage is going through turbulence, sort it out immediately before it breaks apart. If your marriage is broken already and the other party hasn’t re-married, you must work towards reconciliation. Do not play blaming game because it takes two to fight. If the other party is re-married, you must pray earnestly to the Father so that He can delete the Spirit of the other party away from your Spirit. This is the most difficult part of it all! You must pray earnestly for your children and guide them, so that the chain of broken home wouldn’t continue in their lives. And you must wait for the Father to lead you into another marriage. It is the heart of the Father for you to marry if you know you cannot remain alone because of fornication, because it’s deadly! These are the steps you must take if you know you want to make Heaven. The Father is a Holy Father and sin is abomination to Him.

My Task For Today

If your marriage is not yet broken

1) I will plead for mercy at the feet of the Father for going against His will.
2) I will pray to the Father to stop every storm that’s rocking my marriage.
3) I will work together with my spouse for the sake of Heaven so that our children would not have to suffer what they don’t know.

If your marriage is broken and the other party is not yet re-married

1) I will plead for mercy at the feet of the Father for going against His will.
2) I will pray to Him to help me as I work towards reconciliation.
3) I will make sure everything works for the sake of Heaven.
4) If such chain is in my linage, I will seek the face of the Father to break it once and for all, so that my children could live in peace.

If your marriage is already broken

1) I will plead for mercy at the feet of the Father for going against His will.
2) I will pray to Him so He could delete the Spirit of my ex-husband or ex-wife from me.
3) I will pray to Him to lead me according to His heart because I don’t want to make another mistake.
4) I will guide my children with prayers and God’s Word, so that they wouldn’t follow my footstep.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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