26th April 2018

Evil Cloud

Word From The Father

I Am the Creator of light and darkness. I created the greater and lesser lights. These are the stars. As their glory differs from each other, so also their sizes. While looking from the ground, they give their light in darkness, yet far away. If the cloud covers them, you cannot see their light shining at night. The cloud is closer to the eyes while the stars are far away. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of every creature both visible and invisible.

I created you as stars to shine and give Me glory. Unfortunately, many of you don’t shine and cannot shine because of what you’ve put your hands. The evil cloud has covered your star from shining. You’re living a life of rise and fall. Even when you gave your live to Jesus, your star still refuses to shine because you’re ignorant of what it takes to serve Me because nobody taught you.

When My Son was born, how did the three men locate Him? They followed the star they saw in the sky! How did they know the star belongs to My Son? My Spirit in them confirmed it. Heaven rejoiced the moment many of you were born. But as you grew up, you abandoned the way of purity which you were born into and chose the way of sin, the way of death. Now tell Me: Can your star shine? It cannot shine because you’ve allowed evil cloud to cover it.

All your life, the only thing you know how to do is stealing. If you give your life to Jesus Christ and nobody taught you how to deal with the spirit of stealing in you, will your star shine? It will not shine because you fail to deal with the spirit of stealing that covers your star from shining. All your life, the only thing you know is sleeping around with different kinds of women. If you give your life to Jesus Christ and you’re not taught how to stand clear of women, will your star shine? Never!

All of you are ignorant of what it takes to serve Me. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in the journey. What matters is the knowledge you attain through the Spirit of submissiveness, submissive to Holy Spirit. You may give your life to Jesus Christ, until you open your mouth and confess all your sins, your star will remain covered. Even if you’ve forgotten some of the sins you’ve committed, if you submit yourself to Holy Spirit, He will reveal and remind you everything you’ve done in the past, so you can deal with it.

My Emphasis

The Father created male and female, different races, different skin colours, different heights, so also different glory. Each one’s glory shines as stars. The kind of life we choose to live determines how bright our star will shine. On a cloudy night, if you look into the sky, you could see no star. But on a cleared night sky, without cloud, you’ll see millions upon millions of stars shining at night. The fact that you couldn’t see the stars on a cloudy night doesn’t mean they’re not there. So are all human beings.

There are four major types of clouds, namely: cumulus, stratus, cirrus, and nimbus. These also have children attached to them. These clouds are thicker than each other and covers the sky in different heights. For example, if cirrocumulus cloud is in the sky, you can still see what lies above it or below it if you’re travelling by air. But if cumulonimbus cloud covers the sky, you cannot see whatever lies above it or below it. So are the effects of different kinds of sins we commit.

The Father may send us to this Earth to be a shining star, but if we’re not careful, our star may not shine until we die. If you have the knowledge of God, and with your submissiveness to Holy Spirit, your star will definitely shine. I urge you my Dear Friend to remove every evil cloud from your way, so that you can be a shining star as the Father created you to be.

My Task For Today

1) I will submit myself to Holy Spirit to help me remove the cloud that covers my star from shining.
2) I will remove everything that represents evil cloud from my life.
3) I will allow my star to shine wherever I go.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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