25th October 2018

Repair Your Family

Word From The Father

If you’re eating a delicious meal and you love it, if you’re not selfish, you’ll share it with those you love. If you share it with them and they don’t love it, then you’ve tried your best. After all, it’s your food. You only extend a hand of love to them. I Am the Almighty God. My Word is yes and amen and it’s more delicious than any food of this Earth because it’s the food of life.

I have many servants around everywhere, but I have few true servants through whom you’ll hear the Word of life. Many are deceivers, preaching and teaching My Word because of what they want, but there are just few who still have the Word of Heaven in their mouth. These are My true servants. I use them to represent Myself because nobody can see Me.

When you were born, you were born through somebody, and if you’ll come back to this Earth again, you’ll also come back through somebody. This is why it’s not good to do evil. And this is why you need to repair your family. How can you repair your family? Through the Word you speak to them. If they like, let them hear, and if they like, let them throw away your word. The word you speak to them will stand against them some day.

In the process of repairing your family, you must apply wisdom. You must make sure you’re rooted in My Word. If not, Satan can use them to pull you away from the path of righteousness through his deceit. Therefore, you must be vigilant and know you’re a sheep among wolves. You’re living among serpents and cobras. The only word you owe them is the Word of holiness. Holiness is like fire to the devil. If you sit with them and discuss about the things of this Earth, they’ll steal your heart away. But if you attack them constantly with the Word of holiness, not by quarrel, they’ll run away from you if they can’t stand your fire because the Word of holiness is like fire that burns.

There are some families you cannot repair. They’re only living for living sake. They’re better than dead. Can you wash the nose of a pig and make it clean? No matter how you wash it, he will go back to the mud again. Some people are married with evil and you cannot separate them. There’s no amount of word you’ll speak that can change them because they’re dead to the things of Heaven. All they want is to live and die. But their own judgement is set already because no wicked man shall stand in My presence.

As for you, if fire is burning you and somebody, you’ll first of all rescue yourself before thinking of rescuing somebody else. If you know you’ve cleansed yourself and you’re free, if there’s enough fire in you, this is the only way you can cleanse others. I Am a Father and I cannot see fire and tell you to jump into it. The things of the Spirit are deeper than how all of you see it. Your own life comes first before others. Be wise, be careful, and be watchful. None of you is a deliverer. I have chosen only One Deliverer which is My Son. Therefore, watch over your own soul before thinking of others. I want you to repair your family, so they could desist from evil. I want you to work hard and come to Heaven. If anyone is lucky to come with you, he does himself good, not you.

My Emphasis

The Father chained everyone together. This is why the life of one person depends on another. Satan knows this, this is why he seizes the opportunity to destroy the children of the Father because of the love He put in them. Anyone that falls into the category of those the Father said they should kill in the time of old, if you’re dealing with such person, you must apply wisdom, less you’ll end up digging your own grave.

The Father loves all His children, He doesn’t want any of them to perish. But if somebody has chosen the way of death, you have no power to rescue such person. The same Law and Ordinance of the Father are what Satan uses to destroy the children of the Father. With every Word of the Father, you must apply wisdom, less Satan takes advantage of you and send you to the world beyond.

Apostle Paul had passion for the work of the Father but lacked wisdom and understanding of the things of the Spirit. He measured the things of the Spirit with physical scale, but when he realised it, it was too late. However, the grace of the Father was sufficient for him. Many had passion for the Word of the Father, they went and evangelised on their own without the leading of the Holy Spirit. They paid with their blood. The Father is not a wicked Father and He who gives knowledge also gives understanding.

If you love any member of your family, you’ll also tell them the Word of holiness, not about the things of this Earth because the things of this Earth will come automatically the moment you settle Heaven. But if you fail to tell them the Word of holiness, you’ll end up being like them. If they’re meant for destruction, they will not yield to your word. They will run away from you. And if anyone runs away from you because of the fire of your word, rejoice and be glad because such fellow will meet the same word tomorrow, either here or there.

As God fearing couple, you must give no room for unrighteousness in your midst, either in your children or in you both. If you see or sense any appearance of sin or evil, speak and attack it immediately because if you’re silent, you may end up losing your loved ones to the devil. There’s an adage that says: If two brothers came out of a room with frown faces, that means they’ve told each other the truth, but if they come out smiling, that means they’ve lied to each other. Evil or sin hates the truth. And if you love your brother, you’ll speak nothing but the truth to him. If he hates you because of it, you must not be offended and that should tell you the kind of spirit that controls his heart.

Beloved, the journey of holiness is a very tough journey and without the grace of the Father and the love of our Master, you cannot sail through. But I pray for you in the Name that is above every other name that Heaven will stand by you and see you through the journey of this life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will watch over my life first before thinking about others.
2) I will not allow physical love to take away truth from my mouth.
3) I will always speak the truth, the Word of holiness to everyone around me no matter how close he or she may be to me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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