25th May 2018

Abomination Remains Abomination

Word From The Father

Nobody will destroy My Word. Nobody will promote his own word above Mine. I Am the Creator. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I created everything, and I know why I did it. Nobody will challenge Me or fight Me for the works of My hand. I have My Witness. My Son whom I sent to this Earth is My Witness. My Prophets are My witnesses. If you don’t believe their word, then I have more to prove to you. My breath in you is My witness. My Word that all of you are reading is My Witness. Everything I did before is inside. If you doubt Me, I will visit you even in your room. I own everything and everybody. I Am the Almighty God. Evil is abomination to Me.

You didn’t come to this Earth by yourself; somebody gave birth to you. And whatever I call an abomination, if you see that you fall to that category, you must know that something is wrong with you. Somebody has reprogrammed your life. I cannot call something an abomination and change My mouth again. If I destroyed nations because of such thing and you fall into the same category, you must know what’s coming to you.

Whatever you’re doing, whichever way you see yourself and you think that’s how you’re born, I don’t judge you because you don’t know. Now you know that whenever I speak My Word, it’ll never change. I, the Almighty God, the Owner of the Word never change. Therefore, any Word I spoke or speak can never and will never change. I Am the Authority. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am proud of Myself.

If you know you fall into any category that’s abnormal, abominable category, you must seek for help before it’s too late. If anyone tells you that’s how I created you, that person, no matter who he is will pay with his own blood. I suffered so much because of all of you. Anything you choose to do, you mustn’t impose it on all My children. Evil is an abomination to Me. All of you should go and study what I did to Sodom and Gomorrah. Are you better than they? All of you that wear evil as garment should pull it away before My anger sweep all of you away.

The government of your land may pet you and tell you that you’re alright the way you are. I Am a Holy Father. You’re not alright. You’re sick and you need healing. When men begin to rape men and women begin to rape women in a broad day light, on the street, the government will know they’ve put their finger into tortoise anus. Satan is the one ruling all of them to destroy My children. I created evil, but I did not create evil to mingle with My children. Seek for help immediately if you know you fall into this category because you’re sick. If you think it’s a joke, when death comes, you’ll know where you belong.

Who is My equal? Let him come out and challenge Me. I enthrone kings, and I dethrone them. I elevate kingdoms, and I pulldown kingdoms. I kill, and I bring back to life. I Am Jehovah the Man of War. I originate from nowhere, and I exist by Myself and for Myself. I answer to nobody. Every creature, both visible and invisible are all answerable to Me. I Am Jehovah. I Am All-In-All.

My Emphasis

Holy is the One who formed everything out of nothing. He lives, He moves, and He dwells in light. He is Jehovah God who has billions of forms. None is before Him and none is after Him. He is the Owner of every kingdom, both visible and invisible. Blessed be His Holy name.

The church has mingled with the world and the world has taken over the church. It’s only by the grace of the Father people can still mention the name of Jesus Christ. Satan has so much entered the heart of leaders, both spiritual leaders and world leaders to destroy the children of the Father by promoting his own laws everywhere. He planted his children in every high places, so that whenever they speak, people will hear and run after them.

Christians should go back to the basics. Holiness is the basics. As a Christian, whatever you read in your Bible that the Father called abomination, if such practise is allowed in your church, you must know where the leader of that church is leading you to. It is written in the Book of Hebrews 13:8 that, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” And Jesus said in the Book of John 10:30 that, “I and the Father are One.” If Jesus Christ is the same forever and He and His Father are One, you must know and understand that the same Word of the Father is the Word of Jesus Christ. Jesus also said in the Book of Matthew 5:17 that, “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfil.”

Therefore, those who’re running this race of Heaven should depart completely from the way of the world and embrace with all their heart holiness, purity, righteousness, humility, peace, kindness, and the pure and undiluted love found in Jesus Christ alone.

My Task For Today

1) I will take my stand in the Word of the Father.
2) I will not follow any strange teaching that will make me depart from the way of holiness.
3) I will be watchful of the environment I live.
4) I will not allow any law of any land to take the Law of the Father away from me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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