25th March 2018

Honour Your Work

Word From The Father

If you’re working, by the end of the month, your employer will pay you your wages. You and your family will be happy and praise My name. I provided work for you, you’re doing it with your heart. As you’re doing it, you’re happy. If you’re happy, I Am happy as well. I Am the Almighty God. My blessing adds no sorrow.

If you wake up early in the morning to go to your place of work, the life you live before coming home matters a lot. If you honour Me, you will honour whatever I gave to you. If you honour Me, you will honour your work because I Am the One that gave it to you. And whatever I gave you, you will take care of it.

Many of you prayed earnestly to Me when you were looking for job. When I heard your cry and answered you, what are you supposed to do? Instead of you to value it, you dig your hands into sin. Many of you, your employer pays you monthly, yet, you’re taking the items that was meant for the company. But all of you are in My house! You commit atrocity upon atrocity because you have long throat. Wherever you are, I expect all of you to be My eyes. You claim you’re serving Me, yet, what your co-workers who don’t believe in Me wouldn’t do, you do it over.

Any money you’ll use to buy food to feed yourself and family must be a clean money. If your income is £2000 and you add your employer’s £1 to it, you have used that £1 to corrupt the £2000. Because of your stolen £1, you’ve brought evil into your house.

My Emphasis

If you’re employed by somebody, as long you agree to work for him, you must keep to your promise. Whatever you do must be done in the fear of the Father. You must not join the multitude in whatever they’re doing. Many times, you’ll face persecution; persecution, simply because of who and what you stand for. For example, if you’re among the managers and they’re used to fraud, they will hate you because you disagree with their practice. This is what makes you to be a Christian.

Many of us, because we don’t want to be jobless join others to do evil. Some claim where a man works, there he eats. Yes, this is why they’re paying you! As a Christian, you must not falsify any document at all. You must not deep your hand into the company’s account. You must maintain your ground at all cost no matter what you may go through. Let man close their door and see if the Father will not open His own Door.

As a child of God, in everything, in every area, you must stand firm. You cannot elevate yourself if the Father doesn’t elevate you. Your time and life are in the hands of the Father. Therefore, stand in the truth and live in the truth. Be rest assured that the Father will neither leave you nor forsake you.

My Task For Today

1) I will maintain my stand no matter what I face.
2) I will be the eyes of the Father wherever I go.
3) I will be watchful and be vigilant of my working environment.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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