25th June 2018

Only One Saviour

Word From The Father

Blessed is he who cried and received answer from Me. Not many have such privilege. But if you have such privilege, you’re a winner. Many are crying and there’s none to console them. They don’t know who and where to turn to. Many ended up taking their own lives. But no matter what happens on this Earth, nothing changes Me. I Am Unmovable and Unshakable. I Am the Creator. I Am the Almighty God.

I know the Earth is no more the same since the day I drove Lucifer out of Heaven. He vowed to take revenge on My children. But I Am God. I know how to control everything. I value My children so much. This was why I gave My heart for them. My Son is My heart. I gave what I love most. There is no other Saviour elsewhere. I gave My Son and He is the only Saviour.

There are many gods, but there’s only One Saviour. I created the Earth and everything in it. I have My reason for sending My children to live here. No one can question Me. I know everything I created. There are many worlds out there which are invisible to all of you. No matter how much you explore, you cannot find out everything I created. I created visible and invisible world. What I created is more than what you can see. The one you can see is just one-thousandth of a percent. I Am a Mystery.

Without a Saviour, none of you can come to Me. I want you to come back to Me, but not in sin. I Am a Holy Father and those who want to come to Me must be holy. If you’re not holy, you cannot behold My face. For you to be holy, this was why I gave you My Son to save you from your sins. His blood alone will atone for all your sins.

If you know the truth, it will set you free. If you know the truth and you don’t allow it to set you free, then you fail. All of you are running after perishable things, things that will destroy with the Earth. When you came to this Earth, how did you come? You were naked! Are you naked now? No! This is for you to know I Am greater than all of you. No matter how much you acquired on this Earth, you will still not go with it. You’ll leave everything here. But the only thing that’ll take you to a good place after you die is holiness. How can you attain the kind of holiness I’m looking for? You must believe in My Son and allow Him to set you free from all manner of sin you’ve committed. This is the only way you can come to Me.

My Emphasis

My faith looks up to Jesus Christ, the Lamb that was slaughtered at Calvary. O remove my sins and remove every scale from my eyes, so I mighty see clearly the road to eternity.

When sin takes over a man’s life, he becomes like a man who is blind. Though he has two eyes opened, but he cannot see beyond his nose. The world and everything in it is full of darkness, but Jesus Christ is the Light of the world and the Light of life. Through Him the world sees light. Through Him our eyes are opened to the things beyond. That which is beyond is more powerful and more profitable than that which is within our reach.

Jesus Christ was given by the Father to redeem our soul. A sinful soul is banished for eternity to enter Heaven. But out of the love of The Great I Am That I Am, He gave us a means of greater escape from sin. Not just a means of escape, but a means of a better and eternal life.

The Father, out of His wisdom created everything and set its order as He wished. As human being on this Earth, no matter how nice and beautiful your country and environment may be, if you die and go to the Dark-Planet, you’ll live a lower life than what you live now. But those who have the knowledge of the Father, who wash their robe with the blood of His Son will go to a better place. They will live a life that is higher and more beautiful than anywhere on this Earth. And those who have the knowledge of the Father, who fail to wash their robe with the blood of His Son will go to a place of torment, a place of eternal damnation. The Father is not foolish in His thinking.

My beloved, let us continue in our journey, the journey of holiness. Let us put everything that could hinder us aside and pursue the crown of life. This crown is more profitable than gold and silver of this Earth. Though we will receive different crown because our assignment on Earth is not the same. But no matter what our reward may be, joy and peace will surround us everywhere.

How I look towards a place where there is no pain. I look towards a place where there is no sickness. I look towards a place where there is no sorrow. I look towards a place where I don’t have to worry about the cost of living. I look towards a place where my soul will not be engulfed in hardship and suffering. I look towards a place where there is absolute peace. But the Key to such place is Jesus Christ Himself. If I surrender all and I conquer, I’ll receive the crown of life, not only me, but also those who surrender and give all for the sake of Christ the Saviour. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will believe in the Father and the Saviour.
2) I will surrender my will to the Father through His Son.
3) I will wash my robe every day with the blood of Jesus Christ.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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