25th February 2018

Rain Of Glory

Word From The Father

Glory, glory to My name. I prepare, I give and bestow My glory upon My children. I Am the Owner of life. If I beautify you, nobody can take it away from you. All I request from you, just follow Me with your whole heart. Depend solely on Me and My glory will shine upon you. Forget whatever you’re passing through and focus on Me. Look unto Heaven, the dwelling place of My glory.

Rain down, rain down, O You Glory that beautifies. Rain upon the righteous and remove every darkness from their way. Let the afflicted rejoice for the One who formed you is here. Rejoice, remove every tear from your eyes. Burst out for joy and happiness and look unto the Heavens from where your help comes. Proclaim the message of righteousness; proclaim the message of holiness. Let the sinners hear and repent. Let them know that I, the Mighty One delights in righteousness. Let them know the food I eat, for holiness is My food.

No man is higher than Me. I Am the highest and every other person is below Me. I reign on high, higher than every other person. My throne is the seat of holiness and righteousness is below My feet. I cover Myself with the garment of purity and the crown of honour is on My head. I Am proud of Myself because I answer to no one. Every soul is Mine and I determine the course of every life. No matter how far you may go, you cannot go beyond Me because I Am the Beginning, the Middle, and the Ending. No one know where I come from. I created Myself. I formed Myself and hide Myself from every soul. Not even all My Angels behold My face. I choose whoever I love and reveal Myself to whoever I want. If I rain My glory upon you, darkness will be far from you because I, even I, Am He, who rejoice in the course of My children, those who fear Me.

My Emphasis

O that I may dwell in your presence daily, so I could behold the beauty of Your holiness. You took a whole nation out of slavery and led and taught them by Yourself. How I wish we know who You are, so we could forsake the things that matter not. Shine Your light upon our eyes and remove the scale of darkness from our eyes. May we all live to praise and rejoice in Your presence all day long.

Those who delight in Your Word have nothing to fear. For the power of Your glory incubate and shield them from trouble. He who loves you shall never be put to shame. I know You O Lord, I know You; yet, I do not know You enough. My desire is to dig into the treasure of Your mystery. To know that which You desire to make known to Your children. O that You will remove every obstacle that stand between us and You, so we could live and carry Your presence with us wherever we go. Rain down upon us O God, rain down Your glory upon us. May those who fear Your name live in peace at all times. Break the power of the wicked and let them seize to exist, so that Your children will live peacefully to rejoice in Your presence all their days.

My Task For Today

1) I will rejoice and bless the name of the Father boldly.
2) I will sing a new song to the beauty of His name.
3) I will put aside every worries because I have assurance in Him that He’ll neither leave nor forsake me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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