25th August 2018

One Leg At A Time

Word From The Father

If you want to walk, what will you do? Will you move both legs together? No, you’ll move one leg at a time. If you move both legs together, you’re no more walking but jumping. If you move one leg at a time, you must be very careful not to misplace your feet. If you misplace your feet, you’ll stumble. A man who wants to get to his destination in good health and alive will move one leg at a time and walk gently. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Leader.

If you want to embark on two different journeys, you’ll take one at a time. You cannot embark on two journeys at a time. You must take one at a time. Many of you are living lives as if there’s no tomorrow. This is why Satan is leading you quicker and farther than your dreams. If a man moves quicker and farther than his dream, he’ll leave his destiny behind. And if a man leaves his destiny behind, he’ll live an unfulfilled life.

Many of My children don’t live a fulfilled life because they failed to move one leg at a time. They live another man’s life, a burrowed life, a life of demons. This is why you see them everywhere chasing the things of this Earth. They all call themselves Christians and live like those who have not known Me. I Am a Patient Father. I look and see the kind of life all of you live. You cannot haste more than yourself because you’ll crash. And if you crash, you may never recover again.

I promised David I would bless him with a son. When I finally gave him Solomon, he grew in Me. But when I settled his enemies all around him, he grew in riches and wealth. He began marrying strange women upon women who took his heart away. He was jumping around like a locust and he crashed. If you’re not careful with life, life will take your glory away from you. Many of My heroes move both legs at a time and they crashed. They were nowhere to be found.

As a Christian, you must understand My ways and My will. This is the only way you’ll not enter the snare of the enemies. The world is like a spider web, everywhere is full of their nets. If you’re not careful, you’ll fall into their nets every day. None of you have eyes to see evil, but evil is right there with you, even while you sleep on your bed at night, they enter even when your door is well locked. This is why you must be careful in all you think and do.

My Emphasis

Life is sweet to live, but if care is not taken, a sweet life could end in bitterness. Solomon was a beloved of the Father. When he got carried away, he thought the river was shallow, but he didn’t know it was very deep. Everything is lawful, but not everything is profitable for the soul. If he had married just one wife, his kingdom would have endured for a long time.

A couple got married and started their lives. They were very happy together. But when one misplaced his feet, everything crumbled. If you’re walking on a smooth tared road, what guaranty do you have that you’ll not stumble? You have no guaranty! If you’re walking on a lonely road in a broad day light, though nobody is physically around you, remember that somebody is watching and wishing you to fall.

Nobody knows the heart of a man except the Spirit of a man. Nobody can judge the Spirit of a man except the Spirit of the Father, for both the Spirit of a man and the Spirit of the Father are One. If the Spirit of a man is One with the Spirit of the Father, he’ll be like a blossom flower that’ll never wither because the glory and beauty of the Father will constantly shine on him. But if the Spirit of a man loses connection from the Spirit of the Father, he’ll be like a man living in a land of jackals.

Life is good, if we live it daily in the fear of the One who owns it. But if we get carried away even for a bit, it could cost us many days and years. Beloved, as each day passes by, grow more in wisdom and knowledge of the Father. Seek godly wisdom and counsel for your daily life. I pray that each day brings you every goodness of life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will carry one leg at a time.
2) I will walk in the will and ways of the Father.
3) I will not allow the enemy to take advantage of me in any way.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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