25th April 2018

One Heart, One Wife

Word From The Father

If I visit the church and I speak, if I speak ten words, I may praise you once only if you’re lucky, and I will rebuke you nine times because all of you are sinners. Every part of your body both physically and spiritually are dirty. I will rebuke you, so you can understand and know what it takes to serve Me because I need you by the end of the day. I Am the Almighty God. Sin is an abomination to Me.

Many of you are calling Me to come down. If I come down, how many of you can stand? You’re saying, “God is not a wicked God”. Are you the one that created wickedness? Is it your father and your mother that created wickedness? Yes, I Am not a wicked Father? But evil will visit you if your hands are not clean. I’ve laid down the rules and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you run elsewhere to live. And anywhere you live, My hand will touch you there because I Am the Creator of the whole universe.

Anywhere you’re born, your husband or wife that you’ll marry is right in your neighbourhood. It’s very rare before I could uproot one to fish his or her partner elsewhere unless I gave you a serious assignment to accomplish on this Earth. Some of you will marry more than one wife. This is one of the major reasons for barrenness. If I prepared you, I also prepared your blessing. As you are, so also your blessing. For your blessing to be full, I also prepared the woman that fits you and your blessing. If you marry a wrong woman, you automatically destroy your blessing.

If I had given you two hearts, it would have been very easier for you to marry two women at a time. But because I gave you only one heart, any other woman you married is another person’s wife. She may remain barren especially if I predestined her womb to carry one of My heroes. All of you know nothing at all! You jump and take decision anyhow. If you do anything that is contrary to My Law, you must be ready to face the consequence of your action.

Many of you are crying and sorrowful because your children are wayward. They don’t listen to you. Why should they listen to you? Do you listen to your Father? If you fail to listen to Me your Father, your children will not listen to you because you’re a disobedient child. If you had listen to Me, you wouldn’t have married another man’s wife who produced another man’s children for you. For any of you who fall into this category to enter My realm of joy, you must send away another man’s wife and pray for those children, so that Satan will not use your greed to destroy them.

My Emphasis

All things are lawful, not all things benefit the soul. Whatever doesn’t benefit the soul leads one to destruction. A man’s action is right in his own eyes because he’s blindfolded by evil. Whatever decision a man made through which another life came into being, the consequence of such decision last for generations.

It is the greed in a man’s heart that leads him into marrying many wives. And if his children live in a society where they cannot marry more than one wife, they’ll end up having concubines outside. This happens to male children. But for female children, their husband will face the consequence because generation comes from a man. As a wife, if the behaviour of your husband is strange to you, before you accuse him of anything, you should first of all check inside your family, check the lives of your parents who gave birth to you.

The Father wants to reveal many things to His children, but none is ready to carry the load because it’s a load. The Father wants us to learn from our mistakes and shape the lives of coming generation through it, so they’ll not face whatever we’re facing. To those among you who know the truth, hold on to what you’ve received and allow nothing or no one take it away from you. If you manage it properly, your children and generation will benefit from it, and the Father will crown you for your good work.

My Task For Today

1) I will remove greed from my heart and ways.
2) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I’ve strayed in any way.
3) I will give no room for the enemy to destroy the lives the Father has put in my loins.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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