24th May 2018

Two Husbands

Word From The Father

If a woman wants to marry, she will wait for a man to ask her hand in marriage. It’s a taboo for a woman to ask the hand of a man in marriage. If a man asks her hand in marriage, she will give her consent before family and friends will be notified. It’s not a day process. In the time of old, a man could ask the hand of a woman in marriage and she could marry her the same day as long he sought the consent of her parents. This happened because they valued marriage. But today, all of you don’t value marriage anymore. This is why you can marry today and divorce tomorrow. All of you marry amiss. I Am the Almighty God. I hate disobedient heart.

In My church today, all of you marry amiss. All the women that are waiting for husband have either married spiritually or married and divorced physically. Can a woman have two husbands at the same time? But many of My children have two husbands! If you have one husband physically, you cannot marry another one until you’re divorced from your present husband.

Many of you are praying for a husband and husband refuse to come. Even the one that will come your way is a counterfeit. Before I give you something, I always make sure your hands are free, so you can receive it. When you’re already married, why are you deceiving yourself by praying for another husband? Is there anything hidden in My sight? I see and know everything.

Some of you, several men have died on your account because you’re looking for husband. Your husband, the one you married through your life of sin is the one killing all of them. You know how you see yourself in your dream. Some of you, a man will appear from nowhere physically and have sexual intercourse with you and he’ll disappear. I have told all of you before that everything I created have their other side. If you claim you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ and you’re still having such evil experience, that means you didn’t give your life to Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

You cannot cage your sin inside you and be wasting your time praying to Me. If you’re praying to Me, watch your dreams because that’s the easiest way I communicate with all My children. I will open your eyes to see exactly what stands against your blessing. I Am not a wicked Father. I Am a Holy Father. I don’t deal with sin, I deal with holiness. This was why I said, if you trouble Me too much because of what you want, yes, I will release it to you, but that doesn’t mean you’re coming to Me whenever you die. You can only come to Me if you’re holy.

My Emphasis

In the church today, everywhere is full of single ladies, single mothers. If a man or a woman gets to a stage of marriage and wife or husband doesn’t appear, that means something is wrong somewhere. Many women have kept their real husband as boyfriend and they parted many years ago. This applies to many men as well. It takes the grace of the Father before those who fall into such category could find a matching partner before they die. This is why you see many people marry amiss.

What many people call spiritual husband is a spirit of sin. This spirit could enter a woman through her own sin or the sin of her generation. Many men have died on account of some women the moment they proposed to them. This is the work of the spirit of sin. Some of them will allow the woman to get married, but they will withhold some of her blessings. The woman in question will know it because she’ll always see him in her dreams.

If you gather many single men and women, divorced men and women in the church, you’ll hold your head with your two hands the kind of testimonies you’ll hear. Every Word of the Father will not return to Him empty. Until everyone returns to the root, to the foundation, the foundation of holiness which the Father laid through Jesus Christ, there will never be any solution. Jesus Christ is the Solution to every problem!

Let a single man and woman who are compatible to marry go to their Pastor and genuinely give their lives to Jesus Christ. Let them confess all their sins individually without concealing anything, both physically and spiritually. Let them make restitution if there is need for it. Let them genuinely pass through baptism. Let them invite their family and friends immediately, and let the Pastor join them together in marriage. Let them continue to pray and ask for mercy. After a year, if they cannot see the hand of Jesus Christ in their lives, then Jehovah God has not called me; I am a liar, a Prophet of doom. Everything that’s plaguing the children of the Father has a very simple solution. And there is no other solution than the ones I’ve outlined above. Those who fear the Lord, let them depart from iniquity and pursue holiness. This is the key to every blessing.

My Task For Today

1) I will check myself carefully to know where I belong.
2) I will openly confess my sins and forsake them.
3) I will work upon every dream I have each day.
4) I will flee from every appearance of evil.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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