24th March 2018

I Will Deliver You

Word From The Father

Whatever might be your problem, I Am more than able to solve it for you. I Am the Solution to every problem. I created you, and I know whatever might be wrong with you. Good and evil are Mine, and I use each one as I please.

Can you deliver yourself? You cannot! I Am the Great Deliverer. You can choose a friend, but you cannot choose your parents. I determine who your parents would be. You have no choice to make. If there is a trace of inheritance evil in your generation, no one can deliver you from such. I Am the only One who can deliver you. The longer you stay in Egypt, the longer your deliverance will be. Many of you have lived in sin for too long. This is why you’re still passing through torment. I will deliver you if you surrender your heart to Me totally. Can you heal yourself? I shed the blood of My Son for you and that is more than enough for you. No matter what you’re passing through, just lean on Me. Whatever demon may be troubling you, I created him, and I know how to appease them out of your life. Blindness is a spirit; leprosy is a spirit; deafness is a spirit; all manner of sickness and disabilities are all spirits. Whichever sin you committed, the controller will come to you. However, if you recognise Me as your Father early, I will stand and fight your battle because I Am the Mighty Man in Battle.

Many of you are okay physically. You have no physical disability hang on you. However, your own problem is higher and greater than the person who has physical disability. Your own is spiritual disability, which is the worst. You cannot speak out what you’re passing through. Everyone look at you as if all is well. But surrender your heart to Me and I’ll deliver you. No matter how long you’ve lived in Egypt, I will still deliver you.

My Emphasis

Christ is our Cornerstone. He is the One that bought us back to the Father. Blessed be His Holy name! Whatever you’re passing through, hang it on Jesus Christ, and He’ll dispose it for you. There is no too little or too big problem; problem is problem. Naaman had everything, yet, he was a leper. Disability doesn’t recognise your position. If you come to the Father, He will cleanse you as He cleansed Naaman.

Jesus Christ, while He was here on Earth, He delivered so many people. Sometimes, He communicated with the demons in the Spirit and He cast them out of their victim. Some He did physically. Your own case will not be different. If you’re willing and obedient, deliverance from your oppressor is sure.

The Father declared in Isaiah Chapter 1 that, no matter how horrible your life might be, He is more than capable to heal and deliver you. Jesus will never cast you away but will tender you like a sheep and give you a genuine life in Him.

My Task For Today

1) I will keep my hope in the Father alive.
2) I will have assurance that no matter what I’m going through right now, Jesus Christ is more than able to deliver me.
3) I will strive daily to flee from sin because sin is a reproach.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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