24th June 2018

Until You Hate Your Life

Word From The Father

As human being on this Earth, your life is in your hands. You may ask Me why. Yes, your life is in your hands because I’ve done all I could do for you. I created you, created everything you need, and gave you every tool you need to survive. This is why I said your life is in your hands. There is no problem without solution. No matter what you may face on this Earth, there is solution to it. I Am the Solution. I Am the Almighty God.

Many of you are passing through series of problems. Yes, that’s how the Earth is! If you know you don’t like how your life is, you must be ready to fight. How do you fight? You must fight with your mouth. How can you fight with your mouth? By putting My Spirit in you to action. How can you put My Spirit in you to action? By prayers! Prayer is the key. But you must take the bull by the horn. You mustn’t pray amiss. You must allow Holy Spirit to lead you.

If you value Heaven so much, you’ll hate your life. If you value Heaven, you’ll hate everything that stands as hindrance. You’ll not care what it takes or costs you. You’ll be ready to give all. How many of you have resisted sin to the extent of taking your own life? If you hate a certain area of your life so much, to the extent of shedding your own blood, then you’re not far from delivering yourself. Many of you take sin as a mere thing. What made Me gave a whole Soul up for it, you must know it’s not a mere thing.

When Esther was in the comfort of her palace, didn’t she give up her own life to save her people? But I proved Myself. I Am not saying you should shed your own blood, but your action towards whatever you’re passing through will prove to Me how you feel about it. What happened to Paul Apostle? In his torment, he continually preached My Word. Until you hate your own life and love Me, you’re far from Heaven.

I Am the Owner of your life. If you love your life more than Me, then you cannot come to Me. I love those who value Me, those who have My fear. The kind of test I gave My children in the time of old, none of you can pass the test today. When Elizabeth was barren because I locked up her womb, didn’t she conceive after several years? When she eventually gave birth to the son, a Prophet from Heaven, how was his life? How many of you could wait several years before you conceived and gave birth to the son who ended up his life in the wilderness? How many of you? But I gave many of you children to work for Me, and you trained them in your own selfish way because you love yourself more than Me.

My Emphasis

Grace, o grace. Grace that’s greater than all our weakness. When life seems hard to live, grace comes towards us and gives us unfathomable encouragement and peace to carry on in the journey.

Many are lamenting every day. They don’t know which way forward. ‘O God, where are You’ they’re crying. This is not the time to cry. It is the time to take the bull by the horn. You must stand firm in faith and prayers.

When Haman plotted to destroy the Jews, Esther didn’t know about it. But the same man the Father used to elevate her brought the plot to her attention. She didn’t know how to go about such thing. She’s the Queen, but her head could have been on the platter if she’d failed to handle things properly and wisely. The same man whom God used to elevate her was also the one God used in stirring up her Spirit. Then she hated her life!

O beloved of the Most High! She hated her life! If she didn’t hate her life, she wouldn’t have had the courage to stand before her husband the King. The Jews sinned against their Father and were scattered abroad. The same sin continually chased them wherever they went. While they were in Persia, the same sin chased them to destruction. But the Father, because of the Covenant He made with Abraham came to their rescue through Esther. See Esther 4.

My dear friend, Jesus Christ is the Solution to every problem you may face. Rise on your feet and open your heart and mouth. You might have been praying for years, may be your prayer hasn’t touched the Spirit. Until you pray and touch Holy Spirit in you, that’s when you call God into action. This is when you hear demons speaking through some people inside their own house when they’re praying. Why? Because they’ve touched where they’ve never touched before. Until the spirit of sin in you feel uncomfortable, that’s when they’ll stop troubling you. The world we live is more complicated and spiritual than we all can imagine. But those who love Heaven above their lives shall conquer and triumph.

My Task For Today

1) I will put Heaven above myself.
2) I will persevere in prayers and take over my weakness.
3) I will hold on to Christ who redeemed my soul.
4) I will bury my life in the hands of Jesus Christ.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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