24th July 2018

You Must Be Holy

Word From The Father

Blessed is he who hearken to My voice. Blessed is he who have my fear. Blessed is he who wash his hand clean. Blessed is he who doesn’t covet another man’s property. Blessed is he who hold to the truth. He will live in peace. His children and generation will also live in peace. O that My children will know My way! How I wish they have My fear! I spoke, I cried, I yelled, I chastised, yet, My children are not willing to yield to My voice. I Am a Holy Father. Holiness is My garment. If I Am not Holy, the Earth wouldn’t have existed. I formed you and everything in holiness. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I wear the garment of holiness and peace.

Why is it difficult for you to hear My voice? Why is it difficult for you to do My will? I have My Witness and you know it! The one that’s speaking to your heart, what witness has he got? Did he create anything? I Am the Creator! I created him! I gave birth to him as I gave birth to you. He chose his own way and I disowned him. Anyone that walk in his way, I will disown him too.

Right from the day I set the Earth in motion, I’ve always spoke of holiness. I never desist from speaking of holiness because sin destroys My handwork. Sin is the opposite of holiness, and anyone that wants to walk with Me must be holy. No one sees chemical and pour it into a cup and drink it, instead, he’ll keep it clear out of sight. So is a man who loves holiness. Any man who loves sin is like a man who sees chemical and purposely drinks it.

How can a man be holy? By keeping himself and his way pure! No matter how deep into sin a man might become, My Spirit in him is still alive. Though the spirit of sin in him might have overpowered My Spirit in him, yet, the Spirit is not blind, and He can see. No matter how sinful a man may be, My Spirit in him will always make known to him the end of the road he’s treading.

In My church today, how many of My children are holy? How many of My children have My fear? Even My servants! But I Am God, nothing can change Me. Your life is in your hands and it’s left for you how you want to do it. I love you, that’s why I keep you alive. Even with your multitude of sins, I still love you. But that love will end once you die and fail to do My will. Until you’re holy, you cannot come to Me. Either you’re My servant or ordinary church member, you cannot come to Me unless you’re holy. You must be holy to see My face.

My Emphasis

When the Father called Moses to bring the children out of Egypt, every Law He gave to Him was all about holiness. Because of the heavy penalties He bestowed upon them whenever they committed sin, Satan seized the opportunity to lure them in committing more sin, so that all of them could be destroyed. This was why the Father brought our Saviour like the bronze serpent that was hanged in the Wilderness, so that whosoever sinned, no matter how deep he’s gone in sin, if he willingly looks unto the One who was hanged on the tree, he would be saved.

That which should have cut short our lives were taken away by grace. Grace through the Saviour. Yet, with this grace, the Father will never substitute His Word for sin. Many paid instant penalties for what they did, which was not even up to five percent of what many of us have done. But out of the love He has for us, He brought His Son, so that through Him, we could escape such penalties.

O that the church will go back to the root! How I wish we know the consequence that’s awaiting us. We’re living like the inhabitants of a land without a king even though the Word of the Father is there to lead and convicts us of our sin. Everybody lives as he wants. The heart of those who know the consequence of sin bleed every time. This is why you see them weep whenever they’re praying. Does it mean that serving God is full of sorrow? Not at all. A living soul remembers his past and whenever we remember some of the things we’ve done which we shouldn’t have done, and the abundance grace that saved us from instant death, we shed the tears of joy. Our tears is not for sorrow, but for joy, because Christ has redeemed us from death and sorrow. However, we’re still alive and we must constantly walk, watch, and be careful not to fall into the trap of the evil ones.

If we’re to please the Father, holiness must be everything around us. We live in a world where holiness and righteousness have become a taboo. But those who love the Lord will care less how the world turns upside down. Only one thing will be in their mind, just to leave this sinful world and get to Heaven. Those who’ve chosen to please the Father will not look back in fighting the fight of holiness. They will not compromise because they have assurance in the Father. If we love Him, if we let holiness be our garment, and if we endure, we’ll receive the reward of eternal life. Hallelujah!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy any area I’ve wronged the Father.
2) I will strive to live holy.
3) I will walk in the way of the Saviour by grace.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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