24th April 2018

Wait For Your Time

Word From The Father

A young woman married at the age of twenty-five. She couldn’t conceive until after fifteen years have passed. She gave birth to a son and she stopped having children. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody will dictate for Me. I run My Kingdom as My heart desires.

She married at the age of twenty-five and gave birth to only one son. All her life, she couldn’t conceive again. That’s how I programmed her life to be. Yes, she married when she was still young. That didn’t determine when she would conceive. I have already predestined her womb to carry My hero, and that his name would spread across the whole Earth. This was why she couldn’t conceive until after fifteen years. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. No one before Me, and there is none after Me. I Am All-In-All.

Many of you were in haste. You couldn’t wait for Me to prove Myself in your life. As you were seeking for quick solution, you entered wrong hands and your womb was destroyed. Even if I finally give you the child, he would live to suffer because of your contaminated womb. I Am not a wicked Father. If you’re in haste, you’ll run ahead of your destiny. If you run ahead of your destiny, which life are you going to live? You’ll only live a borrowed life because you know more than yourself. As it is for a man, so it is for a woman.

Many of you acquired demons as children. You sold your soul to demon and all the children you were given are demons. What life do you expect them to live? They will be destroyers wherever they are. Can you hide evil from operating? Are you the one that created it? I didn’t give birth to you for evil to dwell in you. You were in haste and you went to the altar of Satan to acquire children. He gave you what he had and you’re now crying because you have no peace. Such children will end up being criminals wherever they go.

As a Christian, if truly you’ve given your life to My Son wholeheartedly, whichever way you see your life, you’ll accept it and move forward by faith. For any man to walk with Me, he must walk by faith, not by what he can see because faith is a Spirit. If you claim you’ve given your life to Jesus and Satan could still give you his own child, you have to know what you’ve done to yourself and that child. And if the Earth is corrupted through your womb, you know where you’re going. If I give you a child, you will die; and if I don’t give you a child, you will also die. Why then are you troubling yourself? The Earth is Mine, not yours. You cannot dictate for Me, and I will not change My plans because of you.

My Emphasis

Abraham believed God and waited by faith. When the adversary saw that it wasn’t a joke anymore, he crept in to cause confusion. The seed of this confusion is very visible in the world today. Every good thing started by one man, and every evil thing started by one man also. Satan doesn’t sow a seed that will die, he only sows a seed that will live and rule from generation to generation, a seed of evil.

Many of you give up to pressure around you. Satan knows how to set his trap. He could use husband against wife or vice versa. If he couldn’t use any of both, he’ll turn to anybody close to you just to set fire into your heart. Once you don’t have peace, you’ll make a wrong decision. Your decision might look good at the beginning, before you’ll realised that you’ve built a nation of destroyers, time has passed.

Satan could impregnate a woman, so he could use that unborn child to destroy a man in thirty years to come. When the child is born, she’ll be there, living like every other child. Satan will leave her alone as if she doesn’t exist, but he’s monitoring her. However, there is a way she’ll be seeing herself in her dreams, but she cannot speak out. When the thirty years is completed, he will come to her and introduce himself. Now she’s happily married to her prey. She will be a tool of destruction to destroy that man because she was born for that particular purpose. Many heroes have been destroyed by such women because their mother failed to wait for the Father.

Whatever choice you make, it may either profit you and the community at large, or destroys you and the whole community. It is better to wait and eat a piece of bread that gives peace than to be in haste and eat the food that will cut off your throat. There are many cases like this in the church, and the Father is very angry about it. I urge you today, especially the young ones to wait for your own time. Work not after another man’s clock. Your own time is your time. Though it tarries, it must surely come to pass.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness for going my own way.
2) I will not partake on the table of destruction which Satan has set before the children of disobedient.
3) I will seek the face of Holy Spirit before making a decision of a lifetime.
4) I will wait for the Father no matter how long it takes.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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