23rd September 2018

Run Away From Sin

Word From The Father

A man killed ten men. He went on living his life like everybody. Many years later, he gave his life to My Son. After he gave his life to My Son, his Pastor told him about confession and restitution. He sat down and weighed everything. When he counted the cost, he refused to confess. He carried on serving Me like every other person in the church. There was another man who killed a man at will. He too went on living his life like everybody until he later gave his life to My Son. The Pastor told him about confession and restitution. He weighed everything and the thought of losing Heaven consumed him. He confessed his sin. When he went to the family of the man he killed for restitution, they handed him over to the police. He was charged to court and was sentenced to ten years in the prison. While he was in the prison, he continually prayed for mercy. After ten years, he came out and continued living his life, serving Me in Spirit and in truth. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am a merciful Father. If I forgive you, I forgive you to come to Heaven. However, you must face the consequence of your sin on this Earth.

If I speak one Word, I will always repeat whatever I speak. I have no other Word to tell all of you than what I’ve been saying from the beginning. I Am a Father and I love all My children. But for you to call Me Father and I also call you son or daughter, you must do My will. What is My will? Run away from sin! That is My will. If you do My will, you’ll have peace, but if you don’t do My will, you’re on your own. Yes, you’re on your own because you fail to do My will.

All of you are running the same race every day, the race of destruction. You are crying and praying at home and in the church. Am I a wicked Father? If I tell you the solution to all your problem, how many of you are ready to pay the price? All of you think Heaven is cheap. The price of Heaven is very high. Now you will know that those who call themselves your pastors are deceivers. They’re deceiving you! They made you believed that once you give your life to Jesus, your sins are forgiven. Yes, your sins are forgiven. However, it depends on the kind of sin you committed. This will determine the kind of price you’ll pay.

If you owe £10 and you’re earning £1000, it’s easy for you to pay your debt, isn’t it? If you owe £200 and you’re earning £1000, you can still afford to pay, but it depends on your outgoings every month. If you owe £20000 and you’re earning £1000, it’s very hard for you to pay back your debt. In fact, it will take you many years to pay back. But the debt that some of you owe is more than the person who owes a billion pounds. I punish no one for sin, but the spirit of the sin you committed will be the ones to take revenge on you. This is why I always emphasise on holiness. If you’re holy, if your hands are clean, if you owe nobody, you have nothing to pay. You’ll live in peace everywhere.

My Emphasis

If there should be a man who can stand and boast of deep spiritual knowledge, I will say I am the one. If there should be a man who can boast of mysteries of the Father, I will say I am the one. Does this privilege exempt me from facing the consequence of my sins? Not at all! Though I have such enormous privilege, my soul aches every day because of my sin. I killed nobody, but my sins torment me every day. How I wish my hands were clean like the hands of a baby who just came out of his mother’s womb. For when I was born, sin was born with me and I died. I died and the power of the Most High keeps me alive. Even though I bear the pains of my sins every day, but grace, abundance grace is given to me to ease my pains. One assurance I have in the Father and the Son, that my soul will not lament in Hellfire. This alone is grease to my aching bones. Therefore, I rejoice.

Who knows the power of sin? Who can stand the consequence? If a man loves eating with demons, he thinks they’re his friends. But the day he’ll meet his Creator, then he’ll begin to vomit all the food he’s eaten with his friends. Many people couldn’t stand the consequence of their sin and they died along the way. As sweet as sin may be, the bitterness that follows is unbearable.

A young girl gave her body to several men and committed several abortions. When she met Jesus Christ, her story changed. She got married few years later. But what happened to her then? She was unable to conceive anymore. She accepted her fate and carried on serving her God. If the door of a woman’s womb is opened for conception any time she meets a man, you must know who’s impregnating her, especially if she’s not married. Once she gives her life to Jesus Christ wholeheartedly, the door to her womb will be shut. It now depends on the Father what He’ll do with her life.

Beloved of the Most High, if there’s any love you want to show anybody, tell him or her to run away from sin. This is the greatest gift you can give to anybody. If you see a Christian committing sin, let him or her know he’s playing with fire. And if care is not taken, that fire will consume him or her. The name of Jesus Christ is more powerful and no one can make caricature of that name. Satan is watching those who call themselves Christians. If he sees that the measure of sin in you doesn’t warrant death, he can inflict any sickness on you because you take the name of Jesus Christ for granted. But if he knows that the measure of your sin will not lead you to Heaven, he’ll give you peace and continue to serve your God in sin. I urge you therefore to run away from sin as much as you can. I pray that the grace of Jesus Christ will be with your soul. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for forgiveness every day because I am a sinner.
2) I will count whatever comes my way as joy.
3) I will forget about the pains of this Earth because I know it’s only for a while.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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