23rd November 2018

Maintain Your Life

Word From The Father

I Am not a stupid Father. I know what I Am doing. You’re the one that don’t know what you’re doing. You cannot know more than the Owner. I know how I come to exist. Nobody knows My beginning, but I know your beginning. I Am the Beginning of your life. Without Me you have no life. I Am the Almighty God. Every life begins and ends in Me.

If you formed something, it’s in your hand. If somebody sees it in your hand, he knows it belongs to you. You are the one that formed it; you know how you formed it; you know what you used to form it; you know how it took you to form it; you know how it will last. If somebody wants to buy it, it’s either you say I give you two years guarantee, or I give you ten years guarantee, or I give you everlasting guarantee because you know how you made it. You that created it know how long it will last; you know how it will be; you know how strong it is. If you want it to last, take this oil and always apply it to it. But when he got home, he threw away the oil you gave him immediately. How then will it last? It will perish! Therefore, I Am not a talkative.

As I was saying; you have now sold that thing you created for somebody and gave him the condition. This is the medicine; this is what will make it last. As he got it, he threw the medicine away. After a short time, it began to develop fault. He’s then looking for you. Oh, I bought this item from him; now it’s spoilt. What about the medicine he gave you to apply to it? You said you threw it away. You are foolish! You are stupid! I gave you both together, so it would last. You cannot know more than the owner. The owner of that item knows how he formed it. If he told you how to use it and you didn’t listen, then you’re on your own and it will backfire. If it backfires, you have no excuse because your ears were opened when you bought it. Whatever you see, you’ll manage it. You that sold it to him have received your money. You will keep quiet as he’s talking. If you like, you may give him an alternative. Even you offered him, and he didn’t accept the alternative; he began to go from place to place. Look at what I bought; upon all the money I spent on it, it didn’t last. But you didn’t tell them you failed to adhere to the condition he gave to you. You did not do what he asked you to do. You missed it! Because you wanted to go on your own way, what happened by the end of the day? You fail!

That was why I brought My Son Jesus. Through Him, I will get you back. Everything you’ve done before will be forgiven because of Him. Emulate Him; do everything He asks you to do. Here on earth, you will have peace; you will enjoy. Anytime I say you should come home, you will be happy. You will not say Daddy, I’m not going with You. Even you yourself, as you’re doing what I ask you to do, I will clue you a lot about that place. Whenever I ask you to come home, you’ll not hesitate. You will say okay, I’m coming home. You will be happy. But if you’re not in the Son, how can you know the Father, how much more what is there in Heaven waiting for you? Because if you’re inside the Son, you will know a lot about the Son and the Father. The Son doesn’t do anything of His own; He does the will of His Father. Whatever the Son teaches you, that is the Word of the Father.

However, you said no, that you want to go on your own way. Which other life will you live apart from the life I gave you to live? My Word is like an old woman’s tale. Those who desire wisdom will have it. They’ll use it in their everyday life. I Am the Creator and you cannot bypass Me to live your life. Any life you live outside Me is a useless life, a life of demons. Whatever you see, you’ll manage it. I Am not a wicked Father. I love you, this is why I turn Myself to a talkative because of you.

My Emphasis

There is no other life apart from the one the Father gave us to live in Jesus Christ. As human being, you may choose to live the kind of life you want to live, yet, you must be ready to face the consequence if you dare go against the Law of this Earth which the Father gave as guidance for every Spirit living here. However, as a Christian, there’s another life you must live that supersedes every other life, which is the life of Jesus Christ. This is the kind of life that will grant you access to eternity.

Sin has robbed all men the glory which the Father bestowed upon them right from the beginning. Yet, out of the abundant grace of the Father, He used His Son as an exchange for sin, so that through Him, we may have life abundantly. No matter how much parents love their children, they will not give their own lives as exchange for them. Though they may pass through hardship because of their children, so they could live a better life, free from hardship, yet, this cannot be compared with the kind of life the Saviour gave up to rescue the soul of the whole world.

Many people have come to live on this Earth. They all died. Many have come back several times, yet, they couldn’t meet the need of the Father. Until you meet the need of the Father, you’ll keep trying and trying. My question to you is this: Why can’t you persevere this time and get it right, so that the Father can receive your soul to His bosom? Any life that differs from the life in Heaven is a low life, lower than the kind of life you’re living right now. If you die and descend to the Dark-Planet, waiting to come back to this Earth again, you’ll go there to live a lower life than the one you’re living presently. Why can’t you endure this time around and get everything right, so that your soul can find rest in the Father?

The days of man is like a piece of meat in one’s mouth. No matter how sweet it is, though you chew it thousand times, you’ll eventually swallow it. As you cannot keep a piece of meat in your mouth for a whole day without swallowing it, so also you cannot live here forever. You’ll eventually die. But if you die, where exactly are you going? This is the main reason for the coming of Jesus Christ. How can you suffer twice? You’ll suffer on this Earth and suffer again after you die. But the choice is yours my dear Friends, to live and emulate the life of the Master, so that your soul can have a resting place in the end. I pray for you this day that Jesus Christ who redeemed your soul will neither leave you nor forsake you but will stand by you until the end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy if I’ve lived a life that differs from the life of Jesus Christ.
2) I will always put my trust in the Master who died for me.
3) I will maintain the life the Father has given to me by abiding in His Word daily.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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