23rd May 2018

The Enemy Within

Word From The Father

If you point one finger to somebody, what happens to the other four? They will point towards you. If you lay a curse on any man, the same curse will fall upon you four times. If I asked you not to do something, I have My reason for asking you not to do it because I know how I created and formed everything. The other side of everything I created is a disaster. This is why I always emphasis on holiness. If you do My will, there is no cause for alarm. I Am the Almighty God. Evil is far away from Me.

If you pray to Me that I should kill your enemy and I allow your enemy to live, won’t you say I’m a wicked Father? But I know why I didn’t answer your prayer. I didn’t answer your prayer because I know you’re blind, you only have eyes, but you cannot see. I didn’t answer your prayers because I love you. If I answer your prayer, you’re the first person to die because I don’t deal with flesh, I deal with Spirit. The enemy you’re asking Me to kill lives right there inside you.

I created good and evil. Evil lives inside every soul, no matter who you are. And the sin you commit everyday increases the percentage of evil in you. If you had a dream and you saw somebody attacking you, that person wasn’t attacking you because of nothing. He’s attacking you because something triggered his anger.

For example, if the spirit of sexual immorality doesn’t live inside you, you cannot dream that somebody was having sex with you in your dream. Such dream affects all your beings because you’ll feel it as if it’s physical. I created it and I know how it works. Then if you wake up from your dream and you start praying that I should kill the person that had sex with you in your dream, now you should know you’ll be the first person to die if I strike down such spirit.

All of you are living a blind life. You have eyes and you cannot see. The wisdom and knowledge you think you have are mere nothing. If you have any spiritual attack in your dream, the only prayer I expect from you is ‘Father have mercy, Jesus have mercy’. That’s all! Leave the rest to Me, I’ll settle it.

My Emphasis

The children of the Father in the time of old did many things out of ignorant. Some of them paid dearly for it. Let me use Apostle Paul as an example here. Before he went to Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit warned him twice, but he didn’t listen. He thought working for the Father is a mere thing. When he got there, and he was arrested, they could have killed him if not for the grace of Jesus Christ. While in the prison, he started praying for mercy.

All of them that were killed because of the Gospel died because of the measure of the spirit of sin in them. You must remember that they’ve all lived half of their lives in sin before they met Jesus Christ. No matter how much you confessed your sins, the soul of that spirit remains in you. And if you’re serving the Father, you must allow the Spirit of the Father to lead you. Sometimes the spirit of sin in a man can lead him, and he will think it’s Holy Spirit. If you look at the teaching of Paul Apostle, it’s like at one point, he’s telling you to go to the right, and another point he’s telling you to go to the left. What I am teaching here is very deep.

The same spirit of sin in him was the one in action. Remember he was in the prison during most of his ministerial work. The same demon that chained him down in the prison also mingled with some of his writings. But when he finally died and got to Heaven, he realised he could have done better.

Beloved, not everything the Father can reveal to His children. The Father doesn’t reveal deep spiritual issue anyhow unless whoever He created specifically for such assignment. And such person will be afflicted in every area. If not because of the way the Father created me, many things could have been hidden to me.

My conclusion is this: Fear God, fear the One who shed His precious blood for you. Pray always for mercy because once upon a time, you’re a sinner. Do not pray amiss. Allow Holy Spirit to lead you in prayers. I pray that Holy Spirit open your eyes to the knowledge of His Word in Jesus name.

My Task For Today

1) I will always ask for mercy because though I’m forgiven, I still need to continually ask for forgiveness according to the prayer of my Saviour.
2) I will pray to the Father earnestly to eliminate every strange spirit in me that could be an obstacle to my journey.
3) I will dwell daily in the Word of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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