23rd March 2018

Love Your Enemy

Word From The Father

Many of you always take My Word for granted. You cannot be wise than Me. I know your beginning, you don’t know My beginning. With that alone, I Am greater than all of you. If I speak My Word and you hear it, you need to ask Me for wisdom how to apply it to your daily life. I Am the Almighty God. I Am God of Peace.

If I say you should love your enemy, I didn’t say you should use his house as your dwelling place. Any love you will show any human being on this Earth, even in your own household is the love of Jesus Christ. You mustn’t love anyone with your Spirit and soul. The only person you can love with your Spirit and soul is Me and My Son. We own you! Nobody has any power over you, not even your parents.

If somebody hates you, of what good is that to you if you hate him back? You should not put law into your own hands. Always give Me room to avenge and fight for you. If you love your enemy and I found no darkness in your heart, he will end up asking you for forgiveness because I will visit him. If you do My will, I will always fight for you. I will not leave you to fight, but I’ll fight for you. If you think you’re right and want to avenge yourself, you’re only putting yourself in a contest with Satan. Can you wait for him when he comes?

If your enemy hates you and you show him love instead of hatred, he will be afraid of you whenever he sees you. He will not see you, I Am the One he’ll be seeing because you follow My Word. Always allow Me to fight for you. If you fight for yourself, you may spend the rest of your life in prison. The power that’s fighting all of you is bigger than you. This is why you must always behave like a fool and remain calm in everything. This is the only way you can enter My realm of joy.

My Emphasis

The Father didn’t create anyone to be evil. For any man to hate you, that means something else has taken over his being. The Father didn’t tell anyone by saying “As you’re going down to the Earth, you’re going to do evil.” No! He created everyone perfectly and sent us to help each other out. Hatred and enmity are the result of the fall of Adam and Eve.

If somebody hates you, if you search your heart and see you’ve not wronged him in any way, then let your heart be at peace. But if you search your heart and realise you’ve offended him, go straight to him and render your apology. If you delay, it may cost you more than you can ever imagine. The Master taught well on this subject. The fact that you’re quiet doesn’t mean you’re weak. You’re only following the Word of the Father because you have His fear.

If somebody hates you and you keep loving him, he may change his mind and receive the Jesus who changed your heart. Evil has a time limit. Once the demon that hold his heart leave him, he’ll come back to his senses. And when he comes back to his senses, he’ll come looking for you. Who then is the wisest and the winner? You are the one! Why? Because you obey the Word of the Father. This is the attribute of a true child of God.

My Task For Today

1) I will take away every trace of evil in my heart.
2) I will learn to love in the midst of hatred.
3) I will love no one with my Spirit and soul except the Father and my Saviour.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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