23rd June 2018

Contaminated Root

Word From The Father

If you don’t eat bread, no matter how much I try, I cannot poison you with bread. Why? Because bread is an abomination to you. Before I can poison you, I must find out what’s in your blood. Upon this I will build My strategy. Satan doesn’t use what’s not in your blood, your root against you. If there’s no stealing in your root, he cannot use it against you. Whatever is in the root of My children, this he uses against them. I Am the Almighty God. I hate evil because it’s an abomination to Me.

As a man, whatever your weakness may be, check the root of your life. The root of your life is the family through which you came into this world. Everything I created is good. I didn’t create anybody to be evil. I didn’t create any family to be an evil family. Whatever gift I give to you, Satan can corrupt it until it becomes evil. If I create you to be a healer, you’ll be able to hear the language of the plants. If somebody is ill and they bring him to you, as you go to the forest or the bush, your Spirit will connect to the appropriate leaf that will heal that person. This is not magic! This is how I created you. As you’re doing that, Satan will come to you and give you wrong advice. He will tell you how to do otherwise. As you’re doing good, you’ll be doing evil. Whenever they bring somebody to you for healing, instead of you to heal him, you can kill him. Satan will be passing through you to kill My children. What have you done to your generation? You’ve corrupted all of them. This is just an example of what’s happening on this Earth. Many doctors fall into this category.

I sent many of My children into this world to entertain all of you. What did they do to themselves? They contaminated the gift I gave to them and contaminated their entire generation. Should you dance naked before you sing? Should you kiss a man before you pass your message across to My children? Satan is using all of you to destroy each other. Every singer I sent to this Earth is My messenger. You deliver message through the song you sing. What kind of message are you delivering to My children?

If there is no spirit of sexual immorality in your generation, no matter how Satan tries, you’ll be like a calabash which is pushed down the water, you’ll always escape his trap. But if there is a trace of sexual immorality in your root, you cannot escape it. Many of My servants fall into this category. This led many of them into marrying many wives in the time of old. Even My son Abraham! What about David whom I loved so much? All of them had the trace of sexual immorality in them. This is a topic for another day.

My son, I have taught you everything how you should channel your feet. Many of you are suffering what you knew nothing about. I’ve set everything right from the beginning and there’s nothing I can do to change it unless I destroy it. I didn’t want to destroy it, this was why I gave all of you My Law to follow. To complete your redemption, I gave you My Son. The blood of My Son is more than enough to purify any contaminated or corrupted blood.

Whatever you know is your weakness, place it at the feet of your Saviour. He’s the One I sent to carry all your burdens. He is more than able to carry it. Surrender all to Him. Anyone whose root is contaminated cannot come to Me unless he repairs himself before death.

My Emphasis

The Father is a great judge who doesn’t judge as we judge. This is why He always forgive. A man could live ninety-nine years in sin, if he repents a day before his death, he’ll find forgiveness. But he’ll still face judgement when he dies. This will determine his next destination. They will look at all the sin he committed, if he committed them purposely or not.

Alas, sin has no remedy! How I wish I could deliver a different message. How I wish I could preach the message of men. But the Almighty has made me pass through all evil. He has opened my eyes to see the evil of this Earth. He has fashioned my tongue like a sharp arrow, like a two-edged sword, to deliver His children from the power of sin.

Every message the Father gave to Moses was against sin. He didn’t give him any message about blessing because He knew they’re blessed already, but sin will hinder them from enjoying the blessing. When Jesus Christ came, He took the same message to another level, that whoever does such and such is going to Hellfire. This is the mandate I was given, and I cannot do otherwise.

Children of God, I am not here to judge anyone because I myself am a sinner. The grace of the Father has brought me thus far. Moses killed a man in Egypt and ran away. But the Father sent him back to deliver His children out of Egypt. Hear my word o you Christians! The Father didn’t send any of His servant to preach about blessing, how you’ll inherit the Earth, rather, He sent them to preach the Good News. What’s the Good News? That Jesus Christ is the Redeemer, who redeemed those who’re willing from their sin, so they could inherit Heaven. And that any soul that chooses to continually live in sin cannot enter the rest of the Father. Is it too hard? Wait until you die, and you’ll see the reality.

While you’re here on Earth, strive to eliminate everything that stands as weakness in your life. Weep, cry, shout, so the Father can deliver you and your generation from the power of sin. Jesus Christ has ultimate power to purify and repair any root that is contaminated in one way or another. This was His mission on Earth. He accomplished it physically, He’s accomplishing it spiritually today. Blessed be His name.

My Task For Today

1) I will continually ask for mercy even though I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ.
2) I will persevere in prayers for Jesus Christ to purify the root of my life.
3) I will run away from sin and every carrier of evil.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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