23rd July 2018

Living For Yourself

Word From The Father

I just want to live my life and whichever way I live doesn’t concern anyone. It’s my life and I can live the way I want. Yes, it’s your life. Yes, you can live as you want. But have you considered your end? Have you thought of where your end will be? Everyone will come to this Earth and leave, but the Earth remains the same. What will become of you? Yes, it doesn’t concern anybody how you live your life. You alone will also face the consequence of the kind of life you live. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Rewarder.

Whatever kind of life you choose to live will influence another person’s life. If I created you alone without any connection to anybody, then you’re on your own. Whatever you do affects nobody. You’re like a lonely man in the jungle. But I created everything in pairs. Therefore, you’re not alone. You cannot live as you want without taking others into consideration. That means you’re selfish and evil.

As human being on this Earth, you cannot live as you want, how much more when you claim you’re a Christian. Even My servants cannot live their lives as they want, how much more you. As a Christian, all of you must live after My Word. Any life you live outside My Word is your own life and it’s a life of demons. Those who love Me, those who serve Me willingly will live My own life. They bear My yoke anywhere they go. My yoke is not burdensome. If I give you a load to carry, can you carry it by yourself? You cannot! This is why I Am God. I that gave you load to carry will also help you carry it. You’re only there physically, but I Am there leading you spiritually. Those who love the way of the world leave a selfish legacy behind. They live a kind of life that no wise person can emulate. Any life a man lives that no one wants to emulate is a useless kind of life.

Any man I choose cannot live his own life. But if things are good for him, all of you want your life to be like his. How many of you can pray to experience everything he experienced? All of you are praying today to be blessed like My son Abraham. How many of you want to drink the cup of sorrow he drank, just because of My Covenant with him? But you want your life to be like his. Yes, David was a man after My heart. How many of you pray to pass through what he passed through because of My hand upon him? But you’re using yourself to compare his. Those I chose never lived their own lives. They lived My own life. Anyone I choose that wants to live his own life will end in no man’s land. Many of My servants are living their own lives, not My life. But I’m waiting for them. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis

The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs 21:2 that, “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the hearts.” Many of us wants to serve the Father, yet, we want to live our lives as we want. Christ came, He didn’t live His own life, but the life of the Father. If He had lived His own life, none of us could have remembered Him today. He had choice to withdraw His Words, so they wouldn’t crucify Him. Instead, He stood firm and embraced death for you and I.

What many of us are enjoying today, many people lived to suffer for it. A man may gather money and build a house, he may end up not living there until he dies. But his children after him will inherit what he laboured for. This is how the Earth is. If a man is alive, his priority is to make sure his children live a better life. He will have to sow some seed that will germinate in his presence, but he may not eat from the fruit until he dies. But his children and their generation will have something to fall upon.

As children of the Father, we should be grateful for the gift of life and always pray for grace to live a good life, a life of the Father, not our own life. Unfortunately, what those who have gone ahead of us laboured for is being destroyed right in our eyes because we love the world. Those who loved the Father valued not their own life, instead, they valued the Father above their own life. Therefore, the Father was able to use them to fulfil His own purpose. But what purpose? For His children! The Father always thinks for the next generation. He always wants the next generation to be better than the present. But we’re all far from where the Father wants us to be. The church of God is worse than the world itself because we’ve all turned the Word of the Father upside down to suit our own style. But one thing is for sure: Heaven is only meant for those who live for the Father. I pray that grace upon grace be given to you and I to please the Father, so He could fulfil His purpose through us.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy any area I’ve got carried away.
2) I will strive to live for the Father at all cost.
3) I will surrender both my life and will to the Father to be used for His own purpose.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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