23rd February 2018

Share Not My Glory

Word From The Father

If I sent you any message and you delivered it, if people were happy and blessed, rejoice not because you have no power to do anything. I Am the One who acted through you. All glory should be given to Me. I Am the One you’re working for. I Am the One who will reward you because you’re My servant. If My children praise you for whichever reason, return every glory to Me so I could do more. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I will never share My glory with anyone, not even My own servants. I Am Who I Am. All powers belong to Me.

A servant is always subject to his master. If a master sent his servant any message, the servant couldn’t deliver the message as if it’s of him. He will say ‘my master says thus and thus’. But many of My servants take My position. Whenever I used them to accomplish any work in the lives of My children, they would praise themselves and even push My children to praise them as well. I Am the Almighty. No one is bigger than Me. I Am the Creator of every creature. None of you has the power to act on his own. I always act through My servants. When I used Moses mightily, and he shared My glory with Me because his anger overpowered him, I cut his mission short. I Am the Almighty. None before Me and none after Me. I Am All-In-All.

Whenever My children are amazed because of the work they see you do, they will appreciate you and will be ready to go to any length for you and with you. But you as My servant will know how to return every praise, every honour to Me because you weren’t there when I gave birth to My children. I watch everyone’s heart. If there is anyone among My servants who is found wanting in this particular area, he shall not enter My rest. Why? Because he made himself a god for My children to worship! He shall not enter My rest. I Am the only One, and no one shares My glory with Me.

My Emphasis

“I Am the Lord, that is My name; declared Jehovah God Almighty. I will neither give My glory to anyone, nor My praise to an idol.” (Isaiah 42:8) It is very easy to offend the Father, and no matter how much He uses us, He will not share His glory with you. We are servants, and a servant has no decision of his own. In fact, he has no life to live than the life of his master. We’re enslaved to the Father, and the reward of a son would be given to us if we end well.

Many of us are too busy doing the work of the Father and have not even time to hear His heartbeat. There is nothing good like listening before acting. We always act before we listen. We’re on our own! The Father works on principles and will never change these principles because of us. I could say boldly that He has revealed and taught me what He hasn’t revealed and taught any man since He created this Earth simply because He created me for this purpose. Nevertheless, the more I know about Him, the more trouble I have and the easier for Him to take a decision on me which He wouldn’t take on any of His servants. If I allow this multitude of revelations and teachings to cover my sense of reasoning, He will cast me away.

Therefore, I plead with you my fellow servants who carry out one service or another for the Father. Yes, there is fame and honour in the work we do, but we must be very careful not to allow this fame and honour to make us lose focus and forget that we’re just servants, slaves of the Almighty.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for forgiveness if I’ve shared His glory in any way.
2) I will walk gently and slowly at the pace of the Father.
3) I will not rush into making decisions but will allow the Father to make decisions for me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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