23rd December 2018

Living In A Strange Land

Word From The Father

Wherever you find yourself on this Earth, I still expect you to maintain your stand as My son and daughter. If you truly believe in Me, you must always maintain your way in Me. If I purposely uproot you from your country to a different place, I will surely make a way for you. But if you say well, you want to leave your country on your own accord and live elsewhere, I have no problem with it. However, you must maintain your stand wherever you go. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of everything. The whole Earth is Mine and everything in it.

I created the Earth for you to enjoy. I created each one of you to live in a particular place. However, you have the choice to live wherever you want to live. But if the land is against your believe, they will corrupt you. And before you know it, you’ll be like them. I Am the Almighty God and My eyes see everything. Wherever you go on this Earth, I Am watching you. In the time of old, many of My children went to a distant land as slaves because of their sin. However, some of them maintained their faith in Me even to the point of death. This is why you hear the name of Daniel. Was he the only one that was taken as slave? There were many of them! But you only hear the name of Daniel and his friends. Even My Son, when He was still a little child, I ordered Joseph to carry Him and run to Egypt because they wanted to kill Him. While they were there, they still maintained their stand. They lived in Egypt, but Egypt never changed them.

Some of you, the passport to Heaven was taken away from you the very day you entered a strange land because of what you wanted. Even My own servants! How many should I count? “Father, if you do this for me, I will spread your Good News wherever I go.” Okay, go ahead and spread My Good News. But I was watching your heart! You wanted to go to a land where they don’t have My fear. Are you the Owner of this Earth? Even My own Son, when He came to this Earth, He abandoned some cities because of the level of their evil, how much more you. Today, many of My servants are crying in the prison because they didn’t listen to My Spirit in them before they embarked on their journey. Wherever you go, if I don’t go with you, you’ll manage whatever you see.

In My house, Pastor and his wife will divorce because of what they want, cajoling people because of money. The wife will plan with her husband and claim she’s a single mother because of what she wants. Inside My house! Yet, all of you want to come to Heaven. You should judge yourself where you’re going. Some of you will tell people that your wife is your sister because of job. You’re a servant of God and you’re lying. But somebody did it in the time of old that almost destroyed My Covenant, if not for My intervention, Satan could have had his way in their lives. You will jump and make decision of your life without consulting Me first. After everything has boomeranged, you’ll begin to cry to Me. It’s too late for the mouth to open after your head is already off.

If all of you want to see My glory, you must untie every rope you used to tie down yourself. If you’re living one kind of life which differs from My Word, you’re tying down yourself. You cannot eat your cake and have it. I Am the Almighty God and My Word is final. Some of you, you’ve put your hands into many things hoping you’ll get away with it afterwards and go back to your country. You're lying! You cannot go back with your dirtiness. Many of you have acquired all manner of evil, the kind of evil that ear mustn’t hear, yet, you’re a Christian. If you know that you value your life, if you know that you value Heaven, remove your hands from all manner of iniquities and embrace My Word with all your heart. Then shall My peace surround you wherever you go.

My Emphasis

No matter how holy a man may be, his environment can easily corrupt him. As a Christian, if you’re living in an environment where you cannot speak the truth, you’ll end up joining the people to tell lies as well. If you’re working in a company where everyone is into fraud, you will never have peace unless you seek for another job or you join them. The decision of a day can change the orientation of a man’s life either for good or bad. Many children of the Father embarked on an ignorant journey hoping the Father would be with them wherever they go, but they were disappointed in the end. As it was in the past, so it is now. Many Pastors are languishing in the prison because of their decision. The Father is the Owner of His children and if the Owner doesn’t trouble Himself, how much more you.

The fact that Daniel was a chosen of the Father didn’t stop him from going to slavery. Because a general judgement was passed on the entire house of Judah without exemption and Daniel, even Ezekiel partake from it. Some of you found yourself in a foreign land for different reasons. And if the Father has hand in your journey, no matter how rugged it is, He’ll make a way for you, but not in sin. Unfortunately, many of you have eaten sour grapes of evil and if care is not taken, teeth will ache your entire generation.

If you’re in your homeland, you’re a king or queen, but if you’re in a foreign land, you’re more or less a slave. Though nobody captured you, but you gave yourself willingly as a slave because whatever problem you may face, you’ll endure it simply because you don’t want to go back. Many had wife or husband and embarked on a journey to a strange land alone without calculating properly what would be the outcome of their journey. Today, they have another family which they didn’t bargain for while setting out in their homeland. Yet, many of them are Christians. They’ve put themselves into a satanic prison willingly and ignorantly without knowing how to come out of it.

Any man who values Heaven values his own life. And no matter what you may face, you’ll endure it for the sake of Heaven. I have a mission to fulfil, mission to bring the heart of the children of the Father back to Him. Yet, the message of holiness is not a joking matter at all. It’s very easy to call yourself a Christian. But if you’re told what to do to enter Heaven, you’ll have sleepless nights lying on your bed thinking how you’ll do it because of your past. Though it looks very simple but weighty. I’m assuring you that it’s better to obey the Father and die rather than disobey Him and live. But I pray for you this day that Jehovah God will have mercy upon you and help you make the decision to forsake everything and look unto Him alone in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will seize following the dictates of my heart.
2) I will rather obey the Father, die and go to Heaven than to disobey Him and live a miserable life.
3) I will willingly seek for godly counsel how to deal with my past.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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