23rd August 2018

Why So Many Churches

Word From The Father

As My chosen servant, the mark was already upon you before you were born, and Satan knew it. Because your parents were ignorant of My Word, Satan will make you commit a particular sin, so that when the time comes for you to start My work, he’ll see something to drag you back. Whenever you start My work, if you’re not careful, he can still use your past sin against you. Once this happens, you cannot continue with whatever Ordinance I give you to give My children. As a result of this, I will abandon My work in that church and start another one with somebody else. I Am the Almighty God. I can never abandon this Earth.

Many of you are wondering why there are so many churches. This is the secret! Everyone I chose failed Me. The only person who didn’t fail Me is My Son. As My servant, I know what you’ll pass through because of Me. This is why I always equip you because I know they’ll throw stones. For you to be able to stand firm in My Word, I always guide and support you. But there’s only one abomination, sin. I Am not a wicked Father. If you do things common with My children, how can I use you to cleanse them? If you commit sin like them, how can you cleanse them? This is why you see churches everywhere.

I asked Michael My Archangel to establish Celestial Church of Christ in Nigeria, so I could deal with them in holiness. I gave them every Ordinance to follow. As a reward for Michael My son, I asked them to pray in his name. This is why they always pray in My name Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Holy Michael. I Am the One! I know many of you have spoken what you don’t know in your ignorance. I Am a Spirit and I don’t deal with flesh. Any church that abandon spiritual activities is asking Me to go away. When I established many churches and I was tired, I had to bring down the Redeemed Christian Church of God from My throne. Now everything is gone except for one thing. Will I establish another church again? I will not establish any church anymore but I will come down and cleanse the ones that are already there. And if I come down to cleanse them, they’ll see fire.

If I look at all of you today, I always laugh because I can see that all of you are foolish. Look into My Word and see how I dealt with My Prophets. Who among you can stand them? But today, Satan has exchanged My glory in you with money. He took away the power I gave you in exchange for wealth. I Am the Almighty God! I will never ask you to buy what a common man cannot afford. I can ask you to build a house and I know how I’ll provide the money. I can ask you to buy a car because everybody can buy it. I will never ask you to build a school. I will never ask you to buy a private jet. I will never ask you to build auditorium because I know all these things cost a lot of money. If I know the money is there, instead of you to build or buy all these things, I will ask you to build a farm, so that My children can have food to eat. Now, all of you should know where those who did all the above are going whenever they die. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Judge and My judgement is final.

All of you should not be confused what you see around you. I Am the Almighty God. No matter how much people praise you on this Earth, you must pass through Me before you can rest. Wherever you choose to go after your death, how will you get there without Me? I Am the Owner of the whole universe. I have opened many churches and I’m tired. This time around, I do not support any church. The only church I support is holiness. If you’re holy, even inside your house, I’ll speak to you there. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis

When the Father started His work, He started with only one man, Abraham. From him, it got to the nation of Israel. Because they rejected the truth, the Father made public show of His Kingdom through His Son. Hallelujah! No one has ever seen the Father before, but you can hear Him speak to you. The only way you can see Him is for Him to hide inside human being and speak to you as He did with Abraham when He visited him that sunny day. When Moses troubled Him so much, He appeared to him as human being. Many years ago, He told Me if I know how to wash My hands, I can be greater than Abraham and Moses. Any man He chooses will pass through fire because Satan will be on his case until he dies.

Churches, churches, churches! Everywhere is full of churches, yet, lawlessness spread everywhere like locust. If you count one hundred Pastors, you’ll hardly see five who does the will of the Father because of the things of this Earth. Right from the day the Father appeared to me one-on-one, everything He has taught Me thus far is all about holiness, all about Heaven, how to cleanse His children, so they can enter Heaven. This is the mandate every church must fulfil.

As a servant of the Father, Satan will make you commit sin, so that you cannot preach holiness to the children anymore. And if you committed such sin, you’ll change your message because if you continue to preach the message of holiness, your soul will be angry. This is why it’s hard to see whom the Father can use in this generation. I know what I’m saying! If not for the grace of the Father, I know where I would have been. Satan has tried me several times, so I could stop preaching holiness, so I could lead the children of the Father to a different direction. The more he tried, the more he failed, all to the glory of the Father. Nobody can proud of anything unless the Father is with him.

In the history of this Earth, right from when the Father has been dealing with His children, everything is all about holiness. At the initial stage, He didn’t teach them about Heaven because He believed that if they could obey the Law and Ordinance He gave them, absolutely nothing will stop them from entering Heaven. But the reverse was the case. Instead, they all followed the desire of their evil heart. Many of them even lured servants of the Father into sin. And today, this never seize.

The Father had made public show of Heaven and those who’re willing to enter there will walk in purity of heart and soul. They will willingly leave the things of this Earth behind and pursue the things of Heaven. They will be the reward of the Father for all the works He’s done on this Earth. I pray that you’ll be among these few in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will always pray for mercy because I’ve lived in ignorance.
2) I will continue to pursue holiness every day.
3) I will hold on to the Word of the Father and encourage others to do the same.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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