22nd September 2018

Your Disobedient Children

Word From The Father

A man went to the prayer meeting in the church. He expected his son to attend as well. But when he looked around, his son was nowhere to be found. After the prayer meeting in the church, he went home. When he got home, he approached his son with anger and wanted to exercise his authority as a father on him. He was angry and laid his hand on him. The son got angry and stabbed him to death. When they later asked him why he did it, the son said he didn’t know what came over him. The spirit of anger in him was the one that attacked the one inside his father. ‘Where did I get it from; were you not the one that gave it to me.’ If you sow a good seed, you’ll reap good fruits, but if you sow an evil seed, a seed of corruption, you’ll reap the fruit of calamity and disaster. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the only One who know the heart of every man. Nothing is hidden in My sight because darkness is as light to Me.

If your son doesn’t obey you, check yourself. Check yourself because he’s your son, and you can only reap what you sow. Check yourself because you gave birth to him yourself. If your son is disobedient, where did he get it from? If you yourself obey Me your Father, will your own son disobey you? When Adam and Eve disobeyed Me, what happened to their son? He became a murderer! They lost three children in a day! What do you take Me for? Who do you take Me for? When I asked you to obey My Word, you said no, you’ll rather go on your own way. I know that many of you are lamenting on your bed every night because of the kind of trouble your children have put you. You have no peace.

All of you claim you’re serving Me, yet, all manner of evil, all manner of atrocities full your hands. Can you hide anything from Me? Can you cajole Me? You can only cajole yourself! When Jacob deceived his brother and his father through the counsel of his mother, what happened to him? He was deceived as well and this made him committed the sin of sexual immorality by marrying two sisters twice. He married freeborn sisters and slave sisters. He committed sin! What happened to his children? They’re still reaping the seed of their father Jacob.

Many of you use evil hands to cover your face. You cover your face with evil hands and call upon Me. Can you deceive Me? You can only deceive yourself. Woe unto him who deceives his Creator? His place will be forgotten among the living. Every Law I gave to you to follow is for your own good. And if you break any of it, you break it to the detriment of your own life and generation. What is the Law of Retribution? What you sow you reap! You cannot reap the fruit of another man’s seed. You will only reap your own fruit.

When you were cheating people, stealing from others to add to yours, it was sweet. You were happy! You put other people’s children into pains, into hardship, yet, you want to produce good children. How is that possible? Your own children will have the taste of the pains and hardship you inflicted upon other people’s children. As you gave birth to yours, so they gave birth to theirs also. If you do good to others, the river of goodness will never seize to flow in your house. However, if you do evil to others, the river of evil will never seize to flow in your house, in fact, that river will swallow you and your generation. I Am the Almighty God. I hate evil!

All of you are foolish and ignorant of many things. Even if you didn’t commit a particular sin before you gave birth to your children, they’ll share from any sin you committed after their birth because their lives are tied to yours. You’re the one who will feed them. You’re the one who will shelter them. In fact, their entire life depends on you. They will share in your sin. If you have absolutely nothing when you gave birth to them and you became wealthy many years later, who will inherit your wealth after you die? Won’t your children inherit it? As it is for good, so it is for evil. Therefore, all of you should use your tongue to count your teeth before you commit any sin.

My Emphasis

O Lord I pray Thee, wash my heart and Spirit clean and save my soul from wrong. May evil never pass through me to my children. Purge and eliminate every seed of sin in me I pray. May I walk with You and before You with a clean and pure heart.

As parents, whatever behaviour you find in your children, check yourself because they’re from your loins. You didn’t steal them, they came out of you. Every food you ate, both good and bad can be found in your children. As wise parents, the only way you can knock such food away from them is through the Word of the Father. You shouldn’t wait to see them come up with strange behaviour. As they’re growing, you should begin to key the Word of the Father into their Spirit, so that the Word can grow with their Spirit. This is the only way the seed of sin you used in giving birth to them will not germinate to produce fruits.

Many of you don’t understand why the children of the servants of the Father are always wayward. If you have committed sin before you gave birth to them, or you have given birth to them before you started the work of the Father, automatically, evil has entered their Spirit. And as you’re preaching the Word of the Father, Satan is watching you. If you preach any message to mislead the children of the Father, your own children will be the first to be swept away with your lies. If you’re preaching the Word of holiness, Satan will want to use the seed of evil in them to instigate them against you. But if your heart is truly for the Father, He’ll give you wisdom how to knock those things out of their system.

As one good deserves another, so also one evil deserves another. Any kind of life we choose to live will not only end with us, but will pass on from one generation to another. Waywardness is a spirit and it’s loathsome to the Father. This is one of the major reasons why Christians don’t go to Heaven because They’ll add the holiness of your children to yours to judge you. As a Christian, at one point in your life, if you’ve produced children of half good and half evil or half human being and half serpent or half human being and half fish or half human being and half animal, your Spirit and soul must die in Jesus Christ before you can enter Heaven.

The Word of the Father is full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Those who seek these impart it into their children and their generation. Therefore, they find peace in the Father. Because of their obedience to the Word of the Father, after their death, the Father will never leave their offspring alone. Instead, He’ll watch over them and bestows everlasting blessing and peace upon them.

My Task For Today

1) I will check myself if my children don’t obey me.
2) I will always ask the Father for forgiveness because once upon a time, I was a sinner.
3) I will always impart the Word of the Father into my children because I know through it they’ll find peace on this Earth.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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