22nd November 2018

The Cornertone

Word From The Father

If you want to build a house that will last, you’ll pay more attention to the foundation. If the foundation is solid, the house will stand for many generations. Do you know how to do it more than Me? I brought My Son to buy you back. I used Him as the foundation, so that all those who believe in Him could come to Me. This was why I closed My eyes when they were nailing Him because I knew that through Him, I would get you back. What do you supposed to do then? All of you supposed to reverence My Son. You supposed to do the will of Jesus. Whatever He says you should do, you will do it because He dropped dead because of you. I Am the Almighty God. My work is never an abandoned project.

I want all of you to hold My Son, to do whatever He asks you to do. If you do His will, what then will I do? I will be happy because as you’re doing the will of My Son, you’re doing My will as well. You will begin to live in peace. You will begin to experience love, peace, blessing everywhere because you’re doing My will. Go and bring an axe and let Me butcher you. Bring Me an axe! Do you think I’m joking? Go and bring an axe and let Me butcher you to know how it feels. You are neither dead nor given anaesthetic, so you won’t feel the pains; you’re alive. The body is living! Let Me begin to cut you; let Me begin to nail your head. If you mistakenly pierce your finger with a needle, how will you feel? How much more for somebody to nail you with hammer while you’re alive!

My son, I am just like you. I brought you out of My body. I felt the pains when they were nailing My Son on that cross. I closed My eyes and didn’t want to look at Him because I knew I would get My children back through Him. I that sent My Son to come and die knew He had the power to come back to Me. My Son came back to Me. But all of you thought I was foolish, that I didn’t know what I was doing. My Son is with Me! If I want to do wonder now, I will release My Son to come, and all of you will see Him.

You are just serving yourself; you’re not serving Me. You don’t know Me! You don’t know what I can do. My Son and I are on My Throne. If anyone wants to make it, let him know My Son. Let him know My Son and do what He asks him to do. Once all of you don’t know Me! My son, I’m not talking twice; I’m not repeating My word. I know what I’m doing. The reason I repeat My word is because of what you people are passing through and what is happening on this earth. Nobody believes the Father anymore. Is He not the same Father? He is the same Father! That is why I’m always saying, believe Me, I’m the One speaking. Every word I speak, I mean it and it will surely come to pass.

My Emphasis

Every house has a foundation. If the foundation is solid, the house will keep standing even in the midst of storm. Jesus Christ, the First Fruit of Jehovah God our Father is the Cornerstone the Father used in laying the foundation of our redemption. Therefore, every life that passes through this Earth that fails to recognise Jesus Christ has no place in the Kingdom of the Father.

Long time ago, the Father used Adam to lay a strong foundation which was destroyed the moment he sinned. But the Owner of all things thought to Himself what He could do to save His children. He killed His Son in Heaven and He appeared on Earth, so He could become a sacrificial Lamb for all men. This is why every soul has access to Him through the recognition of His precious blood which He shed for them. And any soul that fails to recognise this precious gift is doomed forever.

The foundation of a house consists of many stones with different sizes. The stronger the stones, the longer the house will stand. The Father used His precious Son to lay the foundation alone. No other foundation should be laid again apart from the one the Father has laid through His Son. Any other foundation is fragile, breakable and futile. When the Son came to this Earth, He neither did anything on His own nor change the Word of His Father, rather, He upheld everything with His last drop of blood. Hallelujah! Therefore, we owe everything to the Son and the Father. If the Father didn’t send Him, He wouldn’t have come, and if He refused to come, we wouldn’t have received the gift of redemption through Him. His obedience has brought us life. His obedience has brought us freedom. Praise God! Hosanna in the Highest!

My beloved Friends, let us cherish the blood that purchased us out of darkness into eternal glory of the Father. Let us constantly appreciate Them Both for what they did for us. If we persevere and endure every hardship of this present life, we will receive another life, unblemished life that supersedes this one. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God who sent His Son to die for you will lead you from now until the end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father every day for the grace given to me to come back to Him.
2) I will not abuse this grace because I know it will be a breach of my promise to Him.
3) I will always persevere in whatever comes my way.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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