22nd May 2018

The Food Of Eden

Word From The Father

A man may hide everything from His neighbour, but he cannot hide it from Me. I see through the heart of all My children and I know the desires of every heart. That which is planned in the secret only remains secret in the heart that planned it. I Am a Spirit and no man can hide anything from Me. Even the deeds of darkness, I know it all because darkness is as light to Me. I Am the Almighty God.

Every thought, both good and evil originated from the heart. The heart of a man is another world of its own. Inside it lives all manner of Spirits, both the good and the bad. If a man gives himself to Me, My Spirit in him will take the lead of his life. But if he gives himself to the evil one, the evil one will control his life.

How can a man give himself to evil? Through the life he lives daily. Every food is good for the mouth, but not every food is good for the stomach. You can stand in a market place and eat your best food, but there are some food you cannot eat in the public. If a man devices unlawful desire in his heart, such desire will ruin his life.

Every sin that leads to death is being planned secretly in the heart. You man arrest and kill a man in your heart. You think you’re the only one doing the thinking, but you have legions of spirits giving you idea what to do. What many of you categorise as the thought of the heart is not ordinary thought, it’s a spiritual meeting going on in the heart.

Where is the dwelling place of demons in a man? In his heart. I created both good and bad, and they both live side by side in a man. With the way I programmed a man’s heart, it’s very hard for the bad side to control him unless somebody else enters and take charge. If a child is pure, without sin, it’s very hard for evil to control his life. The primary way evil enters a man is at his conception. If the hands of the parents are unclean, evil will mingle with his Spirit right there in his mother’s womb.

How can evil mingle with the Spirit of unborn child? If his parents defiled themselves before marriage and generational sin. Generational spirits are empowered by the spirit of fornication or adultery. Once a woman’s womb is not pure anymore, any manner of evil spirit can reside there. All the incurable illness that’s plaguing all of you today has its root in fornication and adultery because life comes through sex. No matter how the world turns upside down, My Word remains My Word and My Law remains My Law. Each and every one of you will choose which direction you want to follow in life.

My Emphasis

If a man or a woman tells you he or she is enjoying life, let them break it down for you what they mean by enjoying life. The Earth was formed in holiness in the Father. If the Father had relied on the faith of His children before creating it, the Earth could have collapsed long time ago.

Every ungodliness is a secret desire. Every heart knows what’s right and wrong. If not, instead of putting your food into your mouth, you’ll put it into your nose. No one could bend down in his living room and release his excrement. This is an abomination to man. Only those who have lost their sanity could do such thing. If we know what’s right for ourselves, why do we find it hard obeying the Word of God? Because somebody else has taken over.

Cain’s life was hijacked the moment the parents laid with each other in the Garden. The Garden of Eden wasn’t meant for such thing. They defiled themselves and defiled their unborn generation. From that day henceforth, evil took over the heart of man. If you give a child the chance to have a taste of honey, he will ask for more and more. This was how evil began. In our world today, the food of Eden is being given to children and a heart that understands the things of the Spirit will know that such generation have no future.

And those who are the household of God should tread the ground gently because it burns like fire. If the Father has given us freedom through our Saviour Jesus Christ, we must tread the ground carefully and gently because it burns. And if it burns, it takes the grace of the Father for the wound to heal.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy everyday for every soul on Earth is guilty.
2) I will hold on to the Word of the Father with all my strength.
3) I will flee and not associate myself with ungodly men or women.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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