22nd July 2018

Lamp Without Oil

Word From The Father

If you live in a country where power is unstable, you’ll look for an alternative source of power. If you have money, you may buy a generator. No matter how wealthy you are, you cannot manufacture fuel by yourself. You depend on your money to fetch you fuel for your generator. Those who cannot afford generator will rely on their lamp. But in all in all, you need fuel to power your generator or your lamp. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Source of life.

Of what good is a lamp without fuel? Of what good is a lamp that fails to give light. If I created you as a very bright light, but went dim because of your sin, and still gave you a better Light that could overpower every darkness of your life, what are you supposed to do? You’ll cherish it with all your being. My Son is the Light of your life. If you have Him and you’re still full of darkness, then you’re doom for destruction.

When He came, He gave you a parable of ten virgins, five foolish and five wise. All of you are like the foolish ones because you fail to seek for oil in time. If you’re preparing for your wedding, what will you do? You’ll make sure everything is ready before the day because it’s your day of joy. You’ll spend all you have to make sure your day is successful. But if you invite three-hundred guests and you only prepare food for hundred-and-fifty guests, what do you call yourself? That means you’re foolish.

Light is good, but if the whole body is full of darkness, then the body becomes a living dead. If you love darkness than light, then you know who you are. But if you love light, you’ll make sure your lamp is always full of oil. I Am the Owner of oil. If you don’t meet My needs, you cannot have it. And if I give it to you, you must make sure you use it judiciously. How can you meet My need? You must forsake all your ways and do My will. You must be ready to follow My Law and My Ordinance. All of you are walking around like a blind man, yet you have eyes. Every human being is blind to the things of the Spirit. If I allow you to see the things that surround you, none of you want to live on this Earth for a day. But I know what I did. This was why I gave all of you My Law to follow, so they’ll give you peace.

If you hold on to My Word, your life will be full of light and your lamp will always have enough oil to give you light. The world is a dark place to live because of several spirits that live here. But you’re supposed to be a light in the dark world. How can you be a light when your hands are full of sin? You go to church every Sunday to worship Me, yet, your hands are dirty. This is why the oil in your lamp is dried. Until you wash your hands clean, this is when you can constantly receive fresh oil from Me.

My Emphasis

The church is full, very full of Christians who don’t know their right from their left. They think serving the Father is shallow. If you want to explore what lies beneath the sea, you’ll start from the shallow part of the sea, close to the shore and swim your way forward and deeper as you want. So is Christianity! If you give your life to Jesus Christ, you only embark on a journey. And many people started this journey and found out they’re unable to continue, and they turned back. But if a man is not willing to do the will of his Creator, which other life shall he live?

Light is more powerful than darkness, and it’s not cheap. Darkness is automatic! When the Father created the Earth, everywhere was full of darkness until He called light to appear. No matter how bright the sun may be, for you to have adequate sun light in your room depends on where the house is built. If you live in a house where sun light is scarce, you automatically need alternative light to see. The modern electricity is not cheap; you must pay to have it. You cannot dictate how much you’ll pay; the company dictate the price and if you don’t have the money to pay, you can’t have it.

Our lamp and oil are both spiritual. Though we live in the physical, we also live in the spiritual because our Spirit, the Spirit of the Father in us connects to the spiritual world. If we purge our Spirit from all lawlessness, then we’re connected to the Spirit of the Father, to Holy Spirit. But if we allow lawlessness to take over our entire being, we automatically connect our Spirit to the dark world.

Our Spirit is the Lamp while Holy Spirit is the oil. The life we live in the physical matters a lot and it determines which world our Spirit will connect to. If we live in the fear of the Father, we automatically connect to Holy Spirit and our Spirit, our lamp will not lack oil because Holy Spirit will constantly fill our lamp. If our lamp lacks oil, our Spirit becomes dead, dead in sin. The life we live in Jesus Christ every day by day is very important because it determines our next destination after this life. This is why we should always make sure our Spirit is in constant connection with Holy Spirit.

My Task For Today

1) I will keep my lamp clean at all time.
2) I will maintain constant relationship with the Holy Spirit, so that my lamp will not lack oil.
3) I will live my life in the fear of the Father and encourage everyone around me to do the same.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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