22nd December 2018

Wasted Glory

Word From The Father

Out of every ten human beings, one of them must be a Prophet either male or female. I Am not a wicked Father and I cannot send you to this Earth without giving you access or means of communication to Me. Though My Spirit is in all of you, yet, there’s a limit. Whenever your body is at rest, I communicate with you based on the measure of My Spirit in you. But there are certain people, either you’re awake or asleep, I communicate with you directly because I planted Myself inside you so that I can speak to My children through you. No matter how I choose you, if there’s nobody there physically to guide you from your childhood, you’ll missed it completely. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

In each family, I always drop a child there that will lift the name of that family up. If there’s nobody to guide him, Satan will make him commit sin through which he’ll has access to his life. This are just normal human beings. But if I choose you to be My servant and your parents are ignorant the kind of child you are, you’re in trouble because before you could realise it, Satan might have led you very far in sin. If you visit the prison today, many of My heroes are there languishing in the cell. Some are awaiting execution because of the kind of crime they committed. This is why the leader of every country is in trouble because of the laws they introduced to My children.

When My Son came to this Earth, supposing I allowed Him to marry and have children, if there’s nobody there physically to look after their spiritual well-being, they can destroy this Earth in one day because of the kind of power they’ll possess. If I Myself the Almighty come down as a physical human being, marry and have children, what do you think will happy to the children if I’m no more on this Earth? You should answer the question by yourself. Now all of you should understand why Lucifer is doing everything he’s doing on this Earth. If you have power and you don’t use it to do good, what do you think you’ll do? The higher your power is, the higher the kind of evil you’ll also do if you fail to do good.

When I surveyed the church, all My servants have gone in the way of the world based on how they were brought up and what they also put their hands. They cannot turn back anymore because they’ve gone far. As My servant, you’re meant to preach holiness to My children. If you committed any sin, you cannot preach holiness anymore because whenever you open your mouth to speak the word of holiness, your soul will be angry.

Many of My children, Satan surround them with evil people. In a family of six where five people have the spirit of witchcraft, what will happen to the one who doesn’t have? My chosen ones are also foolish because they cannot pull themselves away from the evil ones around them. As long evil men and women surround you, your glory will be wasted. How many should I count? I have many Prophets and Pastors out there, they cannot fulfil their purpose because of the people around them. This is why it’s very difficult to see a true servant who can perform miracle anymore. If evil people surround you, they’ll suck every manure in you. You’ll become like a dog that cannot carry bone and before you know it, you’ll go and seek for alternative power from Satan. This is why many of My servants are now performing fake miracles everywhere. I Am the Almighty God and I know what I’m saying.

If I called you, I also give you wisdom. If you lack wisdom, then you waste your life. If you fail to do My work and you can still keep your holiness, you’ll come to Heaven. However, I will not reward you because you didn’t do My work. If you also fail to do My work and you also committed sin, you’re the one that waste your own life. You’re going to Hellfire. If you fail to obey My Spirit in you, you’ll manage whatever you see.

My Emphasis

Many years ago, I came across a young lady who was being tormented by demons. I was still ignorant of many things. But when I met her, I prayed for her and the demons started speaking through her mouth, telling me why they entered her life. She had all kind of illnesses in her body. As I prayed for her, the demons left, and I threw all her medications away. When I saw her five days later, what I saw shocked me. She has gained some weight in a short while. She even told me something more shocking, that the Father told her she should tell me some certain things. I wasn’t too surprised because I knew the demons came into her life because of the kind of person she is. She is a Prophetess. She didn’t need to clap her hands before the Spirit of the Father could speak through her. Every of her prophecies are true, but her family didn’t believe her because of the kind of life she’s living physically, but I knew everything she was saying is true. I found out whenever she’s around me, she had unspeakable peace. But immediately I left, they would get hold of her again. I mentored her for some years until the Father told me to leave her alone. What a wasted glory!

I Am wiser today than those years. She was a special daughter of the Father that came down from Heaven to this Earth. But evil people surrounded her everywhere, beginning with her mother that gave birth to her, some of her sisters and aunties. She was so much tormented until she started drinking. They wanted to destroy her kidneys. When they found out she met me, and her life was about turning around, they derived another strategy. I couldn’t tell her openly to pull away from them, but I spoke to her in riddles. But she couldn’t understand because her soul was tied to them.

Why am I saying this? I know that many of you are out there who fall into this category. You know what you’re passing through and you know that you’re a chosen of the Father. Hence you surround yourself with evil people, your glory will be wasted. Jesus Christ was bold enough to say, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” If the Saviour Himself could pull Himself away from the virgin who gave birth to Him, how much more you who was born through a contaminated womb. You don’t know what you’re joking with! And if the Spirit of the Father in you keeps sounding alarm bell because of some certain people around you and you fail to yield to His alarm, you’ll lose your glory in the end. Satan cannot and will never be your friend. Was Mary a bad woman? No! She was a holy woman! But because of the assignment of Jesus Christ, many women were following Him, but He put them in care of Mary. Satan passed through them to cause confusion in His ministry. This was why He didn’t go back home anymore. He became a wanderer until He was arrested and crucified.

How I wish somebody will listen to this word and draw wisdom from it! How I wish you’ll open your heart and follow what the Spirit of the Father in you is telling you. If you love the world, you’ll waste with the world, but if you love the Father, you’ll be glorified with Him. Those who love the world are enemy of the Father. When some Jews married strange women and gave birth to strange children, what did the Father tell them to do? They had to give away their strange wives and children before they could obtain mercy from the Father. As a chosen of Jehovah God, your entire life should focus on the Father, not on anybody else. If you can do this, your glory will reach the end of this Earth not in evil, but in holiness. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God Himself will use every power to guide you so that you can fulfil your destiny until you return to Him in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy every day because I’ve undermined the Word of the Father.
2) I will love the Father with all my heart and soul above every other person.
3) I will neither look left nor right, rather I’ll remain focus, so I can finish my race in good time.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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