22nd August 2018

A Peaceful Nation

Word From The Father

If a king rule well, the entire nation will live in peace. If a king doesn’t rule well, there will be much trouble in the land. But how can a king rule well? If he has My fear! If he has My fear, he’ll teach his people how to fear their God. He will teach them how to walk in My way. But where is the king whose fear is in his God? Where is the king who put his God above his people? If a king loves his God first, he’ll not care what people will say because he has the assurance that he’s leading them in the right direction. I cannot see any king because all of them are working against Me. All of them mislead My children everywhere. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody knows Me, and nobody knows what I can do.

How many kings have ruled on this Earth and entered ground? In their life time, they did whatever they liked. But when they died, they all face the consequence of their action. As a leader, because I created you strong and higher than every other person, therefore, I expect more from you. This applies to everybody in a position of leadership. As My king, a servant in My house, you know what that means if you lead My children astray.

Every judgement I executed on this Earth was because of the kings, the leaders. As a king, if you implement My Law and teach My children how to have My fear, I’ll use every power to fight for you. But if you and your people fail to obey My Word, disaster upon disaster will befall you everyday. If I come down now to inflict any punishment on My children because of their disobedience, all because the leaders failed to lead the children in the right direction. Then higher punishment is awaiting the leaders.

If you go into My Word, you’ll see how different kings ruled and the aftermath of their reign. I Am not a wicked Father. Right from the beginning, I’ve been dealing with My children and I required no food from none of them. All I required and still require is for all of you to do My will. Obedience to My will brings peace! Not that all, you’ll also have a place to call home whenever you die. But all My children are like blind men leading blind men. They have no clue who I Am.

Can anyone give himself peace? You cannot give yourself peace unless I give it to you. If you fail to do My will, if you choose to disobey My will, how can you have peace? Only holiness brings peace! In a nation where everybody is working against the Law of nature which is My Law, how do you think their lives will be? In your own days it’s even better. In the time of old, they were fighting each other because of their greed. Today, Satan captured all of you through wealth. He knows that your life depends on it, and he’s using it to punish you everywhere.

My Emphasis

There is no peace for the wicked says Jehovah God Almighty! But who are the wicked? Those who disobey the Law of the Father. But how can the people obey the Law of the Father if the leaders failed to enforce it? The leaders of today put last what they should have put first. This is why there’s so much trouble in the world.

When the nation of Israel inherited the Promised Land, they lived in peace because they obeyed the Law of the Father. The moment they went against His Word, they experienced other side of peace. But the Father warned them beforehand. Moses the servant of the Father warned them five times in the Book of Deuteronomy not to forget the Lord their God (4:9,23; 6:12; 8:1,11). One thing about the Father is this, if He’s dealing with any man, for such man to turn and depart from Him, while he lives on this Earth, his whole life will be miserable until he enters the grave, how much more a whole nation.

No one is holy like the Father, how much more a whole nation. But if the Father could see a handful of leaders who’re ready to sacrifice themselves for His work, He will use them to establish His peace in the land. For a nation to live in peace, that means the Law of the Father in that land is paramount. Any nation the Father is pulling to come to Heaven, the inhabitants of that nation should count themselves lucky because not every nation has such privilege. Some nations are completely useless to the Father because He doesn’t use them for anything on this Earth. They only live, die, and come back to the Earth again. They don’t go to Heaven.

If the whole world could be populated through just one man and one woman, then a nation starts from a family, man and woman. If every household could institute the fear of the Father in their home, nobody will be able to stand against them. But the Earth is far from where the Father wants her to be. However, the few who know the Father and follow His Law and Commandments will live in absolute peace. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will keep the Commandments of the Father, so I could live in peace.
2) I will not follow the way of the world.
3) I will live my life in the fear of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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