21st November 2018

My Insurance

Word From The Father

Who will curse whom I've already blessed? I am above, they’re beneath. Their hands can never touch Me. Who can fight Me? Who will trouble Me? I Am the Great Judge. I Am the Immortal God. I am the Invisible God. I Am the only Wise God. I am the Great Protector. I protect, I save, I guide those who give their heart to Me. Those who choose Me as their God, I guide and guard them; I care for them. Evil will never befall them. But if you neglect Me and push Me aside, then I will leave you. If it happens, don't call upon Me. If you recognise Me, if you choose Me as your Father, I will keep you safe. If evil befall you, don't cry because you don't recognise Me. No other personality is higher than Me. Everybody is under Me. As they mention My name, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess. I am the All-In-All.

Grace! It's just My grace. It’s My grace that is sufficient for most of you. You don't merit it! If you prayed and I answered you, it's just by My grace. All your heart is fashioned in one way. Whenever you need Me, you’ll call upon Me. I Am still there for you. It's just My grace. It's My grace. If you prayed and it happened, it's by My grace. If I think of what you’re doing, with all your ways, a lot of things will happen to My children. It's My grace. Because you prayed and got the answer, you think you’re doing it well. I said it before that you’re coming back to meet Me. My insurance covers you. The grace, that is the insurance. There is a time for everything. Everybody will give account of himself. The way you speak it, the way you judge it, I will reward you. My grace, that is the insurance.

Those who seek Me, I reveal secrets to them. I never hide Myself from them. I reveal mysteries to them. I search the heart of all men, that is why I reveal My secret to them. I can never give My food to dogs. If you seek Me, I will use your heart as My dwelling place; that is Me. If I reveal My secret to you and you twist it to suit yourself because of what you want, I Am waiting for you. Though I may warn you, and if you continue to do the same thing, I will fold My hands looking at you. But you’re definitely coming back to Me. This is when I’ll reward the works of your hands.

Mine is to speak while yours is to listen and obey. I will not stop speaking. It’s now left for you to listen and do it accordingly. You’re alive, and you can brag and do whatever you like. But the very day death envelopes you out of this Earth, that’s when every of your disobedience will come back to hurt you. I Am here and all of you can speak and do whatever you like, but over there, you can neither speak nor do anything. You’ll face the real music.

My Emphasis

The Earth belongs to the Father and everything in it. Nobody falls down from Heaven to live on this Earth on his own. Everyone descended to live here according to the command of the Father. Therefore, before you do anything, think it twice because you cannot come back to amend your ways any longer. Grace is no more grace if you misjudge and abuse it for its sake. Yet, the love of the Father is still there to continually look out for you even if you go on your own way. But there will be a time when everything will come to an end. Whatever has a beginning also has an ending. Therefore, the insurance that covers you here will expire sometime soon.

If you go to an insurance company and set up a life insurance with them, you’ll constantly pay your premium until you die. That’s when they can pay your loved ones a lump sum as agreed by you in your life time. The very moment you die, whose name you put on the certificate of insurance will tender it with your death certificate and the insurance company will pay him the lump sum. This will end the agreement between both of you. While you’re alive, if you fail to pay your premium, this would be a breach of contract. So also, it is for the things of Heaven.

One faithful day, Jesus Christ met you and you agreed to follow Him. He told you everything it takes to go on the journey with Him, and you willingly agreed. Not very long, you started walking in your own way in breach of the agreement you had with Him. But His grace covers you because you’re still alive, hoping that one day you’ll change your mind and come back to walk in His way again. This is the life of many Christians.

Many times, you think you’re walking in the way of the Father, but unfortunately, there’s nobody around to tell you that everything you’re doing, every life you’re living is loathsome to the Father. Yet, His insurance still covers you. Even if His servants are telling you to change, you’ll say no, that you know what you’re doing. Yet, His insurance still covers you! But your story will be like that of a monkey who was taken to the market and nobody was willing to buy him. Just one day, his owner found a buyer and monkey never returned home anymore.

No one owns death except the Father. Even Satan can call him at anytime to take his victim, based on their sin, but the Father has the final say. No one can dictate for the Father what He should do. He has shone you O Christians that life is better than death, that holiness and righteousness is the key to eternity. If you’re willing and obedient, you’ll receive the crown of life. But if you willingly disobey, you’ll dine with the demons in Hellfire. I pray for you that the grace of the Father, His insurance upon you will not be in vain in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father every day for the grace given to me to come back to Him.
2) I will not abuse this grace because I know it will be a breach of my promise to Him.
3) I will always persevere in whatever comes my way.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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