21st May 2018

Impact Of My Word

Word From The Father

There was a single woman who was a director of a company she inherited from her father. She had many managers under her. Her General Manager was a single young man. All of them were Christians. They were praying to Me individually for a life partner. She was unlikable because of her attitude towards her employees. Her junior managers collaborated with the General Manager to bring her down. She, on the other hand as the sole owner of the company planned to get rid of them all. The storm was about to tear down all that her father had laboured for. There was a young man among them who had My fear. He entered them with wisdom through My Word and calm down the storm. I Am the Almighty God. Sin, evil is abomination to Me.

If you’re a Christian, let people see the water of Jesus Christ in you. I Am not a wicked Father. If you’re praying and your prayer is not answered, check yourself. Whenever you’re praying to Me, expect the answer wherever you are. She was praying for a husband, but the answer to her prayer is right at the tip of her fingers. Her foolish behaviour, her pride almost took it away from her.

If any of you miss My will for your life, that’s the end of it. You will pray earnestly before I can give you another chance. You must remember that alternative is different from original. You will accept it the way I give it to you. And some of you will never even get the second chance. You will preach about your foolishness to others, so they wouldn’t make the same mistake you made.

Many of you knew My Word and My will, yet you went ahead and took your own decision. When it backfired, you’re crying, expecting Me to answer you. What concerns Me? It’s the same thing now that I’m preaching to you while you’re alive to do My will, but you say no, you will not do My will. Will I kill Myself because you refuse? But you forget that a day is also coming when I will reject you as you rejected Me.

For over twenty-three years I set fire in the heart of My son Jeremiah to preach My Word to My stonehearted children to come back to Me. They refused! They even wanted to kill Jeremiah My son. When the fire of My anger burnt against them, they and their generation lived to tell the story. No one spit on My face and go free. You will surely receive the punishment for your action either here or there.

My Emphasis

Many times, we tend to shy away from the Truth, yet, the Truth is always there to stand against us because He wants to set us free. The fact that we’ve given our lives to Jesus Christ doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We’re not and will never be perfect. I receive the Word from the Father and send it to His children everyday, yet, I’m still a man. I am not perfect! Until we accept the truth, the Holy Spirit cannot do His work in us.

O yes, we could spend days and hours praising and worshipping the Father. That doesn’t mean the Father is happy. For the Father to be happy with us all, He must see truly in our hearts that though we’re not perfect, yet, we’re trying our best to be perfect by obeying His Word and doing His will.

The Father is a Holy Father and He expect holiness and perfection from us. Though no one is holy and perfect as the Father, yet, we must continually strive for holiness and perfection. The Earth wasn’t created because of animals and plants, but because of human beings, the children of the Father. Jesus Christ did not die for animals and plants, but for human beings, the children of the Almighty God. Therefore, if we’ve accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour, let us pull away from our body every filthy garment, garment of shame and destruction, so that we can truly and surely have assurance of Heaven.

Many people lived and served God in ignorance. They gave their lives to Jesus Christ and served Him in ignorance. They thought all was well with them. But they were disappointed when they were turned back from entering Heaven. Beloved, I set fire in your heart once more today, to strive and do the Father’s will. Holiness, righteousness, purity, these are the garments of the Father and only those who wear such garment will enter His realm of joy.

My Task For Today

1) I will have the fear of the Father in all I do and say.
2) I will not do my own will but the will of the Father.
3) I will pull away from my body every garment that doesn’t glorify the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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