21st March 2018

Judge No One

Word From The Father

The spiritual affairs are completely different from the physical. A man may commit a crime physically but may be innocent spiritually. I Am the One who sees what’s done in the dark. I Am inside all My children. I Am Omnipresent God. Jehovah is My name.

If a man committed a crime, the law of the land permitted him to be imprisoned or sentenced to death. But I don’t judge amiss. You human beings judge amiss. If anything happened, I will come down and look why it happened. I will see the reason why that man committed the crime. In some cases, I will allow Him to be imprisoned, and if I know there is no way he could live without committing another crime, I will allow the law of the land to sentence him to death. But I will send him back again to this Earth after I might have settled the demon that entered him to commit the crime. All of you are walking blindly. You cannot see anything. By the end of the day, parents are always at fault because they fail to train their children in My way.

If a man killed another man, you will sentence him to life imprisonment or to death. Why should you sentence him to death? In fact, why should you even lock him up in the prison? As you built your prison to lock up My children whenever they commit any crime, why can’t you teach them from childhood that killing is not good? Why can’t you teach them about forgiveness? Why can’t you teach them that vengeance is Mine and Mine alone? After you’ve destroyed their lives from childhood, you will finalise it in the prison. Is that the kind of children I gave birth to? I Am the Almighty God. Evil is abomination to Me.

Many of your judges judged amiss. Many innocent souls were killed for the crime they didn’t commit. As a lawyer or a judge, you must be spiritual, so I could use you to repair the lives of My children. Even many of My children who claim they’re serving Me fall into this category. Whatever judgement you passed on My children, I will judge you because you didn’t seek My face before you passed your judgement. None of you know how I created the Earth and how powerful the spirits that stand in opposition to human beings are. This is why no one should judge another because I alone have the final say. I Am the Great Judge and My judgement is right and true.

My Emphasis

The World we live is more spiritual than physical. Unless the Father reveals, many things will be dark to us. The physical and the spiritual are miles apart, yet, the spiritual controls the physical. Multitude of people may gather against one person and sentence him to death, yet, he may be innocent. And anyone who’s involved in persecuting an innocent man has committed the greatest sin.

When the darkest hour of our Saviour came, every heart was against Him. Even the few who thought He was innocent couldn’t speak out because of the fear of death. To everybody, He was guilty, guilty because He broke the Law of the Father. Yet, the same Father who gave the Law acquitted Him spiritually because everything happened on His account. If the hand of the Father is upon a man and Satan torments his soul because of that, if any man adds his own torment to it, he and his generation is in trouble. This is what the nation of Israel is passing through until today. Even Lucifer himself regretted his action because He later knew that Jesus was innocent of all the accusation they laid against Him. This was why he quickly killed Judas Iscariot.

In a nutshell, it’s very easy to judge a fellow human being; however, facing the consequence of wrong judgement could be disastrous and could last for generations. The Saviour wasn’t mistaking when He said, “Judge not, that you be not judged.” (Matthew 7:1)

My Task For Today

1) I will hold my peace no matter what happens around me.
2) I will hand over everything to the Father if somebody do me wrong.
3) I will seize from judging people because I know not what lies behind their actions.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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