21st June 2018

The Heart Of A Sheep

Word From The Father

If you gather a thousand sheep together, it’s very easy to direct them in whichever way you want because they’re sheep. They’re easily submissive to the will of their shepherd because of their heart. But goats are stubborn. You’re lucky if you can manage to get one to submit to your will, how much more a thousand goats. Until you put a yoke on his neck, a goat will not follow you willingly. They are in contrast to sheep. I created them both. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of all flesh.

I love it when My children gather together because of Me. But how many are willing to submit to My will? Even if My servant has the right word to give to them, are they willing to obey? This is the problem I have with all My children. They’re like goats, moving in a different direction to the will of their shepherd. The shepherd as well are frustrated. They thought they’re rearing sheep, but didn’t know they’re shepherd of goats.

I Am God, I will never deceive anyone. If you follow Me, I will always tell you what I don’t want, so you can change and meet My needs. I will always tell you the kind of spirit you possess, so you can wash your hands clean, so you can be holy as I want. But you’re not ready to listen and obey My will because of your heart. My way is the way of holiness, not the way of sin. Anyone who wants to follow Me must be willing to submit to My Law and My will.

When I gave My Son for you, did He disobey? If He had disobeyed, would you have led Him to the cross where you slaughtered Him? But what did He do? He submitted Himself to your will, so He could swallow your death. Today, all of you claimed you’ve given your lives to Him. Are you doing His will? Are you dead as He died? My Son was dead to sin, this was why sin had no power over Him. Are you dead to sin?

My Word is one and pure. I speak with one tongue alone. I speak in a plain language, not in a riddle, so you can understand and do My bidding. I Am not a wicked Father, but I hate sin. Holiness is My way, and holiness is My food. If you want to walk with Me, you must have the heart of a sheep. If I tell you what I don’t want, you’ll say yes Father, I will change. That is the journey. All of you should stop behaving like goats, so I could fulfil My will in your lives.

My Emphasis

Christ gave Himself up as a sheep, willing to be slaughtered. He surrendered Himself willingly to the will of the Father. He had the choice to disobey, but He obeyed, even obedience to death on the cross. He was humiliated, beaten, stripped naked and crucified naked to compound His shame. What a horrible route He took to conquer death for us.

Right from the beginning, the Father had always had issues with His children because of disobedience. It’s their disobedience that led to the death of many. For the same Father who gave birth to His children to turned and cut them off, that means it’s beyond remedy. Disobedience is powerful! Whenever we give up our will to the spirit of disobedience, it leads us to our death. Though it may not lead us to physical death, but will lead us to death beyond the grave.

As a Christian, you’re not fit for Heaven until you’re able to forgo what you loved most. If the Father asks you to give up what you cherish most, will you obey? Abraham was promised a son, but had him after twenty five years. As the child grew under his care, the Father placed before him a bigger test, a test none could easily pass. Nobody knew if he truly killed Isaac before the Father revived him. The truth of what actually happened was buried between himself and the Father. Until the Father deals with you directly, you will never understand His way. Even if He deals with you directly, you still cannot understand Him and His way. Four good times He had told me I shouldn’t try to understand Him and His way, but should rather follow Him blindly like a blind man.

Beloved, the Father is a truthful and righteous Father. He owns us and will never deceive us. We cannot dictate for Him, but willingly with joy, we shall fetch fresh water from the well of salvation. Whatever we pass through because of the Father, not because of sin, let us count it for joy, for we know that He who brought us to Himself out of His goodwill will not and never abandon us halfway, but will lead us to victory. Hallelujah! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will give my will to the Father willingly.
2) I will count everything that comes across my way for joy because of the Father.
3) I will live in the will and Word of the Father alone.
4) I will bury myself and my will in the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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