21st February 2018

That I Might Die To Sin

Word From The Holy Spirit

If a man’s heart is full of sin, he’s a dead man because a man’s heart makes him who he is. You can deny whatever people say or think of you, but you cannot deny the thinking of your heart. A man professes physically that which goes through his heart. This is your identity and you cannot change it. Until a man’s heart is free from sin, this is when his heart can be alive. And if a man’s heart is alive, his entire being is alive. I Am Holy Spirit. I Am the Revealer of mysteries.

My Father Himself is a mystery. I reveal His heart to My children. If We’re to judge by what passes through individual’s heart each day, no one will cross this Earth to Heaven. But We’re the Great Judge! We judge according to individual’s action, both physically and spiritually. This is why it’s better for all of you to check yourself each day. As you check yourself, if you find any trace of sin in you, deal with it immediately and don’t allow it to linger. If you do, it will turn to something else.

If a fire starts, at a point, you can still quench it with your bare hand. If you leave it unquenched, you'll be surprised what’ll happen next. It will get to a stage where you’ll need troupes of fire brigade to quench it. This is how sin is! I Am inside all of you. Before you carry out any evil assignment, as the evil one constantly speaks into your heart, I Am there watching your next action. When I see you’re about to obey the evil one that’s speaking to you, I’ll speak to your heart not to obey because it’ll lead you to destruction. If you constantly disobey him, he will leave you alone, but only for a while. He will derive another strategy to bring you down. You will also defeat him with My help. As you live each day, if you keep defeating him, that means you’re a dead man to sin.

My Emphasis

It is very easy for a man to give his life to Jesus Christ, but maintaining it is what matters a lot. You need to constantly check yourself. If you don’t commit sin with your heart, you’ll commit with your mouth. If you don’t commit with your mouth, you’ll commit with your eyes. If you don’t commit with your eyes, then your ears must be blocked to whatever goes on around you. If the ears don’t hear, the heart will not be saddened.

Sin enters a man through two major ways: eyes and ears. Any man that can master these two is a winner. Whatever you see goes into your heart, and whatever you hear also goes into your heart. Both the eyes and the ears corrupt the heart. A man who is deaf, dumb and blind will commit less sin. The Father wants us to be like this. Though not physically blind, but our behaviour must be like one who is. If the eyes see beyond the physical, the physical realm means nothing to you anymore. And if your ears constantly hear from the Father, you won’t mind whatever you hear in the physical realm. But how can we get to this stage? How we give ourselves to Holy Spirit will determine this. As long we’re able to do this, then we’re dead to sin. Even Satan himself will know that the things of this physical realm mean nothing to us anymore. I pray that God help me and also help all of us in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness.
2) I will learn to control whatever I see and hear.
3) I will give myself more to Holy Spirit.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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