21st December 2018

A Lifeless Christian

Word From The Father

If you’re alive, you’ll know you’re alive. If you’re not alive, you’ll also know you’re not alive. The fact that you’re breathing, and eating doesn’t mean you’re alive. Your being alive determines the kind of Spirit that controls every affair of your life. If My Spirit in you is alive, then you’re alive in Me. And if you’re alive in Me, that means you’re truly alive. But if the spirit of evil takes over your life, that means though you’re alive, you’re like a living corpse. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Creator of every Spirit both good and bad. Those who put their trust in Me are alive in Me.

If you sleep on your bed, the kind of controlling Spirit in you will determine where your Spirit will go. Many of you, not few cannot sleep and have peace on your bed. Even before you close your eyes, your Spirit is gone. You cannot have a meaningful dream because of the spirit that controls your life. Some of you, it’s as if you shouldn’t sleep at all. In fact, you’re even afraid to sleep. Yet, you call yourself a Christian. Who gave birth to you? Where have you been all your life? This is the question you should ask yourself.

It’s not enough to call yourself a Christian by mouth. The spirit that controls you will determine if you’re a Christian or not. You cannot call yourself a Christian and evil spirit still controls your life. That means you’re dead in sin. If your hands are clean, demons will be against you anywhere you go. But if your hands aren’t clean, they’re your friend. Though they’re not your friend, but they’re only using you because you give yourself to them. That means you’re a living dead.

Whenever all of you gather together in My presence, I look at you and laugh because of what I see. I see demons everywhere! Yet, all of you are inside My house. This is why you can say I’m a wicked Father because I refuse to answer all the prayers you’re praying. If I say I should answer your prayers, out of one-thousand worshippers, may be only ten will remain standing because nine-hundred-and-ninety would be dead if I release My fire on all of you. My Word is in your hands and you know what’s right. All of you know what I love and hate, yet, you carry on doing what I hate.

Some of you use songs to suppress the spirit of evil in you hoping they’ll give you peace. When I created Adam, did I create him with evil? Likewise Eve, did I create her with evil? You should ask yourself where you got that spirit from. Whenever you gather together singing praise and worship, My head swells. I love it! I love it when My children gather and remember Me. I Am happy! But all of you are not coming to Heaven! You’re not coming to Heaven because your hands are dirty! You’re not coming to Me because you’re all evil, sinners. You know yourself, and you know your heart. Of what benefit is your praise and worship when your heart has already condemned you?

If you want to be alive, if you want to be a living Christian, follow My Law and Ordinance. Follow the path of holiness. Depart from the path of iniquity. Then shall your life be blossomed everywhere you go. This is the time for all of you to sit down and have a rethink. You cannot continue the same path you’re treading because it will lead you nowhere. It will lead you to no man’s land. If I say no man’s land, you know what that means. If you like, you should continue to play with yourself. When the time comes, you’ll close your eyes and never wake up again. I Am the Almighty God. Sometimes I speak in riddles, and sometimes I speak in plain words.

My Emphasis

O that I may live in the presence of the Almighty all my days, far from the reach of all manner of sin. He who dwells in the presence of the Father shall by no means live a life of his own but a life of the Father. And if a man lives a life of the Father, evil has no chance in controlling his life.

Few years ago, Christians from all denominations gathered together in the biggest stadium in London. I watched it on my television. Many Pastors were there, many which I knew. While they were all praying, they were asking the Father to come down. While I was watching, the Father said to Me that if they know who He is, they would stop the kind of prayers they’re praying because if He should come down, He would kill all of them. He said all of them are doing what He hates. Some are sleeping with their daughters; brothers are sleeping with their sisters; yet, all of them gather there praying to Him. All of them are there inside the church and no Pastor dare touch this particular area so that they will know what they’re doing is wrong.

The Father is not interested in gatherings, He’s only interested in holiness. He is interested in the Spirit that controls the heart of a man. In the time of old, we only knew He killed many people. But is He a wicked Father? Not at all! He saw the spirits in them and He struck them down. As He struck down the spirits, those who carried them died. This eventually led to the death of many. Human beings only believe and understand what happens in the physical, but something led to it which no man could see except the Father.

Every Word of the Father, every worry of the Father is about the kind of Spirit that controls His children. The more the children give themselves to sin, the more power evil spirit will have over them. And if the children continually chase the things of this Earth, they automatically give the demons more power to rule their lives because demons work with the things of this Earth. There is no demon in Heaven, they only operate on this Earth.

Any Christian whose heart is dominated by all manner of spirit of flesh is dead to the things of Spirit. In a heart where anger resides, hatred also resides there. That’s not all, others will follow. If Satan gives you one gift, he’ll add another to it. Demons don’t live alone, they always like having partners, partners in crime. This is why the Father gave His children various Laws to follow so that evil will not dominate their lives.

Those of you who want to be alive in the Father and His Son will desist from following the pattern of this world. You must remember that friendship with the world is a total enmity with the Father. Though He created the world, but He didn’t create evil to rule it. However, you must learn to accept your life as you see it and know that the Father is not placing heavy burden on you, rather, He wants to get the best out of you so that He could have your Spirit and soul back to His bosom. I pray for you this day that Jesus Christ who died for you will constantly lead and chastise you so that you can be the best child He wants you to be in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will purge my Spirit and soul.
2) I will turn back from the way of the world and follow the way of the Father.
3) I will follow every righteousness because righteousness is a gain for my Spirit to be alive in the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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