21st August 2018

Judgement In Everything

Word From The Father

When you’re coming to this Earth, what did you bring? You brought your life! When you’re going back to wherever you come from, what will you take along? Only your life. I Am He who created life and give it as I please. If I give you life, nobody can take it away from you unless you yourself. If I stand for you, nobody will push Me away from you unless you reject Me. What I have given to all of you is the conclusion of every gift - life. Without life, you have nothing. If you have life, you have everything, and if you don’t have life, even whatever you claim you have is nothing. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Owner and the Giver of life.

If I created you pure and holy, and I brought you to live on this Earth, and you came without nothing, naked, that should tell you something. I Am the Owner of everything and whatever I give to you, nobody will take it away from you unless you throw it away. And whatever I didn’t give to you cannot give you peace if you acquire it. If I created you holy, how come everything about you become sin? You eat the food of sin, wear the clothe of sin, live in a sinful house, everything about you become sin.

Those of you who call yourself Christians don’t know what you’re playing with because They’re going to judge you with everything that attached to you, even your own life. They will judge you because of the food you ate, They will judge you because of the husband or wife you married, They will judge you because of the children you had, They will judge you because of the clothe you wore, They will judge you because of the house you lived or acquired, They will judge you because of the car you bought. They will judge you in everything! I Am the Almighty God and nobody can challenge My authority.

All of you should go back and learn how I dealt with My children in the time of old. I Am the Owner of every blessing. While you’re on this Earth, you must be very careful before you put your hand in anything. If all of you think of where you’re coming to, you’ll know how to guide yourself and your heart because no unrighteousness will be allowed here. This is why I pity all My servants who acquired A-Z because they’re serving Me. They’ve already chosen where they’re going. Every money that entered everything you acquired will be scrutinised. They will judge you in everything.

My Emphasis

Christianity is deeper than how many of us view it. The life we live everyday matters a lot. Jehovah God has opened the door of enormous wisdom unto us and if we’re not careful, we’ll sink in the ocean of disaster. Every life, every example we have in the Bible suffered so much for the sake of the Kingdom of God. The Father expects us to follow the good examples we read every day in His Word.

The source of everything we attach to ourselves matters a lot. Many have gone far and turning back become problem for them. The Father cares less how, where, and why we were born. All He cares about is that He’s given us life and whichever way we decide to go about life will determine how our end will be. As Christians, the Father has laid down His rules and regulations to follow and if we like, we should obey and if we like, we should disobey. The life He gave to us, He wants it back just as He gave it, without wrinkle.

If I stole money and I used it to help you, you automatically spent in stolen money even though you didn’t know I stole it. You’ll share in whatever curse is attached to it. This is the reason the servants of God in the time of old are called a church rat, very poor. Jesus Christ, when He came to this world had nothing, yet, He fed and provided for people. Was He really poor? Wisdom is profitable to the wise! Elijah had no house of his own, yet, he was numbered among the greats.

We live in a world where Christians want to be numbered among the rich, among the celebrities. But that which is highly esteem in the sight of men is completely abomination to the Father. How I wish there’s other way I could break this down for all of you that every single thing a man acquire on this Earth carries spirit, no matter how little, even if it’s just a needle. The Father wants us to live in peace. For example, if a church member gave a gift to his Pastor, every spirit attached to the money that was used in buying the car will also attach to the car. These spirits will cry out and they want to take revenge on the Pastor because he should have known better. This is why you see calamity befall everyone in the church.

Who is going to Heaven? Those whose life is pure, those whose heart is pure, those in who’s blessing a trace of evil cannot be found. These are those who will live in peace and have eternal life. Beloved, be watchful and be very careful what you put your hands. Life is more than anything in this world. The best gift a man can have is good health. Anyone who has this should always be thankful to the Father everyday. I pray for you that the Father in His mercy will cut off every hand of evil from your life and blessing in Jesus name.

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father for the gift of life.
2) I will not do more than myself because this Earth is not mine.
3) I will live my life in the fear of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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