20th November 2018

The Tabernacle

Word From The Father

What is a tabernacle? Who were those that were meant to enter there? There was a part of that tabernacle I destined some people to enter. If I don’t destine you to enter there and you enter, you will die. I don’t dwell in a dirty place. I search every heart. I look at a place before I enter there. I am a Holy Father. You should give honour to whom honour is due. I chastise whom I love. I am the Father that gives, and I am the Father that takes. All powers belong to Me. I search every heart; I weigh everybody. Before I give you anything, I will make sure it can’t take you away from Me. If I give you little and you can’t control it, what will you do if I release plenty unto you? Those who seek Me shall find Me. The things of this world will fail those who love them. I Am the Almighty God.

Every Ordinance I gave, I gave it because of holiness. If you gather together in My house, I require holiness from all of you. Unfortunately, many of you serve Me in flesh. You turned My house to a market place, buying and selling. You gather in your own futility and eat the bread of sorrow in the end. All of you are serving Me because of what you want, and if I don’t give it to you, all hell will break loose. If I listen to your prayers and the kind of word that’s coming out of your mouth, I laugh and shake My head. I shake My head because all your prayers are about the things of this Earth.

Whenever you’re crying, I will look down to see and know why you’re crying. If I come down, I see absolutely nothing good in you. Demons have taken My position in you, yet, you’re serving Me. You’re like a madman walking on the middle of the road who forget that vehicles are moving in opposite direction. The only thing all of you know how to do is to ask Me for whatever you want. None of you bother to ask Me what I want. But I cannot do your will! You are the one who will do My will because I own you and everything that belongs to you. Even the demons that chain down your blessing because of your sin belong to Me. I Am the Owner of everything.

Through your body, I can descend and ascend. I can use your body to heal and deliver My children. But I cannot use you because you’re dirty. A refuse yard is better than all of you. You know My will, you know what I require from you, yet, you will not do it. Even the word of your mouth alone is a disaster. But you’re supposed to be My tabernacle! Even My own servants are dirty. These are those I brought to this Earth to lead My children back to Me. They’ve swallowed cankerworm and serpent. They become like a dog that cannot carry bone any longer. If My servants are dirty, how much more the church members.

Purge yourself. Cleanse yourself. Break every barrier that stands between Me and you. As I entered at will the tabernacle in the time of old, so also, I want to enter your life. Every time, all of you are celebrating your sin. You’re using your glory and that of your generation to eat rice and chicken. And if I should come down today, none of you will go with Me. Yet, you claim you’re serving Me. Purge your Spirit and soul. Let your body die, so that your Spirit can be fully alive in Me.

My Emphasis

Wherever two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus Christ, He will appear. Yet, I tell you the truth that, wherever one person gathers, Jesus Christ is with him. The Spirit of the Father in a man is very powerful, and if sin covers this Spirit, he will join them to do evil. This is why the Father is lamenting every day. Inside the church today you have different kinds of forums, forums of evil.

The tabernacle in the time of old was for holy people who came together from their various homes to fulfil the righteousness of the Father. The church today stands as the tabernacle. Unfortunately, there are different kinds of forum in the church today, forums of evil, forums of witchcraft. But the Bible says that your body is the temple of the Father. How can you be the temple of the Father when you cannot sleep well on your bed? The time the Father created for you to put your body to rest, your Spirit will wander to your coven. Satan is using you to put pepper into the eyes of the children of the Father.

Are you a tabernacle of the Father or a tabernacle of demons? How can you be a tabernacle of the Father when you value this Earth so much more than your own life? Anyone who is ready to be a tabernacle must forgo all! You’ll be like a handicap who rely on someone to lead and care for him. You will depend solely on the Father. He will be the one leading you and instructing you in everything you need to do on this Earth. You cannot run your own life any longer. As He’s leading you, He will begin to eliminate every Spirit of sin in you, so you can be holy just as He wants.

As children of the Father who want to eat at the Master’s table, you must learn to maintain your holiness and run away from all manner of sin no matter how little it may be. Jehovah God our Father doesn’t dwell in a defiled tabernacle because it’s an abomination to Him. If you stretch forth your hands to do evil, you tell the Father automatically to go away from you. And if you fail to make amends while you’re alive, you’ll end up in a wrong destination. I pray for you this day that Holy Spirit will give you the water of life that brings peace in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will learn to put my house, my body in order.
2) I will remove every trace of filthiness from me because I am the tabernacle of the Father.
3) I will maintain my holiness daily.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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