20th May 2018

The Blood That Saves

Word From The Father

Many of you are wondering how ordinary blood could save someone. In the time of Moses, the blood of animal was used for atonement. But the blood of animal couldn’t bring My children back to Me. I gave what I loved most. I gave My Son, so that His blood would touch the ground and through which My children would be saved forever. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Merciful Father.

A dead blood is meaningless and useless. If My Son had died a natural death like every other man, it would have been meaningless. But I needed His blood to redeem My children. Unless the blood touches the ground, there is no way I could redeem My children. Everything that happened to My Son was pre-planned. However, I hid it from Him while coming to this Earth. I only told Him He would come to this Earth, die, return to Me and inherit everything. I didn’t disclose to Him the kind of death that would kill Him. I Am a Father, and I run My Kingdom as I love.

How would His blood touch the ground? Something must happen to Him that would make Him shed blood. His blood was shed in three stages. After they arrested Him, He was ordered to be flogged. As those soldiers were mocking and flogging Him, His blood touched the ground and the Earth felt it. When the bushy crown was placed on His head, it was very painful, and blood came out of His head. When the soldiers nailed Him, this was the final one. As My Son was feeling the pains, the Earth was feeling the impact and My mission for sending My Son was accomplished. This was all I wanted, and I fulfilled My mission. Mission accomplished.

Blessed be My name! Blessed be the name of My Son! The Earth has taken so much away from Me, but I Am very happy that My Son returned back to Me. If My Son had hanged on this Earth, this could have been the end of all the works I’ve done. Because My Son didn’t fail, this was why I gave Him everything.

Now, two-thousand years have passed. All of you don’t know what you’re doing to yourselves. If My Son could die for you when He was still alive, which was the most painful death, then all of you must know, especially those of you who have given your lives to Him that you’re in trouble if you fail to do My will.

My Emphasis

O the living blood, the blood of life, the blood that redeems sinners from hopelessness and brings him into a marvellous light, the precious blood of the Lamb of God. Praise be to Him who gave His blood for us willingly.

A lot of things which the Father didn’t bargain for originally happened after the fall in the Garden. Many of you may think it’s easy for somebody to die. Yes, it’s easy, but not somebody like Jesus Christ. For such kind of person to stoop so low and embrace death from the hands of his brothers, it wasn’t easy.

The Father gave the first of His Fruits, the Reward of His labour, to save His children and their generation from eternal damnation. For without this blood, access to Heaven would have been a taboo. Because the Father placed highest value upon His children, His Spirit in them, this was why He had to go extra mile to save us. Many of us may not value it now until we get home. If you've had the revelation of Heaven, or heard the testimony of those who’ve been there, you will understand why the Father did what He did for us. The glory of Heaven alone is soul consuming. This is why it’s very easy to forget about this Earth immediately you get there.

Beloved, blessed be the name of the Father and His Son, and the name of Holy Spirit who has been with the Father right from the foundation. A living blood, not a dead blood was given for our redemption. Let us therefore give our own life in exchange as a token for the great and wonderful work the Father did for us and our generation by doing His will. May His eternal peace abide with us now and forever. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will place highest value on the blood that saved me from destruction.
2) I will allow the Father to do His work in my life.
3) I will not deny the power in the blood that was shed for my redemption.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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