20th March 2018

The Intense Battle

Word From The Father

When I created the Earth, I was happy, and all My Children and My Angels rejoiced with Me. They worked tirelessly with Me at the creation of the Earth. When the work was completed, They were very happy. Everything was fine until I drove out Lucifer from Heaven to this Earth. I Am the Creator. I Am proud of Myself.

The Earth itself is sinful because of the way I created it and everything in it. I brought out human beings from the ground. Lucifer or no Lucifer, sin will still be sin. People would still commit sin because they came out of the ground, but it wouldn’t have been the way it is now. Because of the spirits I drove out with Lucifer from Heaven, this is why everything became difficult. The ones I drove down from Heaven joined hands with the spirits of this Earth to fight My children. This is why I always forgive because I know it’s not easy. I created everything, and I know how to control it. I Am the Great Controller.

The Earth is a war front right from the beginning. For any of you to make it to the end, you must be vigilant and ready to fight. It’s a battle of life and death. If you win, you’ll live and if you’re defeated, you’ll die. You cannot see Me, the God you’re serving; you cannot see those who’re fighting with you. They live in your body and carry information to and fro in your body to their leaders. But I have done all I could do to rescue you. This was why I gave what I love most; I gave My Son to die in your stead, so you could win the battle. You cannot fight and win on your own; We will help you to fight. The demons were meant to feed on animals; they’re now feeding on human beings because of your sins. A dog is meant to eat faeces. If you train him to drink blood, he will grow to a stage where, if you set faeces before him, he’ll refuse to eat because you’ve already trained him to drink blood. This is the problem.

Those among you who’re willing to fight the battle and win will win. An actor doesn’t die in a movie. You’re like an actor and you will not die. You will win if you totally surrender your heart to Me.

My Emphasis

The world we live is in a constant battle, an endless battle that will only end when the Father finally roll it away. No man can boast of anything if the Father is not on his side. No matter how holy you are, you’re not exempt as long as you live here. The good news is that, we will triumph in the end if we faithfully endure. Whosoever endures till the end shall be saved. He will be called a conqueror. The battle in our body is an intense battle. It’s not a physical battle; it’s a battle of spirit and soul. Those who war against us live right in our body. They join forces with their superior to fight us. Christ has conquered for us, but we need to persevere and endure because he who endures till the end only shall be saved. He will be called a conqueror.

We have the Great I Am That I Am, the Mighty Man in Battle on our side. If we surrender our Spirit and soul, even our body to Him, we shall be victorious at last. The enemy uses the secret he knows against us. What he knows that we don’t know, this he uses as his own advantage over us. He’s a spirit while we’re flesh. This is the advantage he has over us. Yet, with all this, if we fail to commit sin, he becomes powerless because sin empowers him to fight us.

The true key to win the battle is absolute surrender, faith and obedience. If we can pass in this area, we’re more than conqueror because the death of Christ wouldn’t be in vain over us. And because of His death, no power of darkness can defeat us because of the blood that was shed for us. This blood is a poison to the enemy. However, for the power in this blood to conquer for us, we must willingly flee from all manner of sin. This is the only way we can be victorious at last.

My Task For Today

1) I will surrender my Spirit and soul to the Father because I know I can’t win on my own.
2) I will not give up because I’ve gone too far.
3) I will eliminate everything that could arm the enemies to defeat me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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